Paramore have teased that something new is landing this Thursday (September 28).

Yesterday (September 25) the band shared a screen-recording of text being written in Apple’s Notes app, which began with: “Re. This Is Why.”

The note then proceeded to list three apparent dates – “9.28” (September 28), “10.2” (October 2) and “10.6” (October 6) – with the following three phrases listed against those dates respectively: “This Is Why”, “Why Is This?, “Is This Why?”.

Fans were quick to speculate what the note might mean. Some have suggested that the three phrases are titles of B-sides arriving in the months since the release of the band’s latest album, ‘This Is Why’.

“bsides are coming? 😳,” asked one fan, while another claimed that they predicted last month that B-sides – although unconfirmed – are being prepped by the band. See that last post below.

The news follows Paramore singer Hayley Williams revealing last month that the band have been back in the studio.

They recently wrapped up a North American tour prematurely, with final gigs cancelled due to Williams’ lung infection. The band had postponed four live gigs after Williams fell ill during a performance in Houston, Texas, going on to end the tour early.

In August the band shared studio photos on Instagram, with Williams confirming on Discord that they were indeed at work on new music.

“We’ve been off the road for a couple weeks now… mainly in LA. Thankfully got some down time but we put some work in too,” she told fans. “It felt good to get back into a studio. More of that once we get home to Nashville.”

Williams continued: “Zac Taylor [drummer] and I just want to get back to making things. We’ve been craving that for a while now. Not only the creative process but the layer[s] of insulation that can come with the creative process.”

Touching on her illness, Williams added: “I can hardly believe I don’t cough all day and night anymore. My stomach is still fucked from 10 kinds of medication… I’m just happy to be resting more.

“Now that the bulk of our touring for the year is over, I’m hoping to dive head first into creating some better routines.”

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