Paramore are apparently set for an Australian tour later this year.

Earlier today (June 19), Hayley Williams and co. took to Twitter to tease a tour announcement with a simple post saying “6.27 – g’day” and a link to a Paramore Down Under website. According to the post, Paramore is expected to officially announce their Australia tour on June 27.

Check out the post below.

The tease comes weeks after rumors of Paramore performing Down Under in November began circulating. The rumors stem from a Good Dye Young meet and greet session with Hayley Williams on June 1, where a fan asked if the band will be performing in Australia in the near future.

Twitter user @YELYAHG00N tweeted: “at the GDY meet and greet today Hayley confirmed there will be a paramore world tour – with AUS dates coming in November!”

The rumor was confirmed by Instagram user @paramorebrazil, who wrote: “During today’s meet&greet in New York at the GDY event, Hayley confirmed that ‘This Is Why’ will be a world tour and that Australian show dates will be announced later this year. As 2024 is expected to be a big year for Paramore, where the band will also be able to revisit Asia and Europe.”

Paramore last toured Australia and New Zealand in 2018, as part of their ‘Tour Four’ world tour, in support of their ‘After Laughter’ album. During that tour, Paramore performed across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

Paramore most recently released their sixth album ‘This Is Why’ in February. The record scored a five-star review from NME‘s Sophie Williams, who wrote: “With some of their most fearless songwriting to date, ‘This Is Why’ is a bold reminder of just how limitless Paramore can be. For every hard rock riff that soars to an explosive finale, there an adventurous vocal detour or a slightly psychedelic moment, it’s remarkable that we’ve gotten to this point at all: this is a band that’s been through the twists and turns, overcame struggles and countless lineup changes, all while evolving to one of the most respected acts of their generation.”

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