Fast facts

  • Full name Paige Banks
  • Date of birth Not published
  • Nationality American
  • Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Employment Real estate agent and investor
  • First job Author of ‘Turning Paige’
  • University University of Georgia
  • Education Financial Accounting
  • Relationship status Dating
  • Girlfriend Not published
  • Net worth Not published

American TV personality Paige Banks is known for her participation in the reality series “Married at First Sight”, which aired for 12 seasons.

Education: What university did she graduate from?

Accounting was Paige Banks’ major when she graduated from the University of Georgia in Atlanta in 2014. She debuted on Married at First Sight in 2021 and later made a comeback on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered’s 2022 rewind season.

Banks chose Chris Williams as her spouse despite their difficult and on-again-off-again relationship. However, after making her divorce decision on Decision Day, she eventually returned to give their relationship another try. But she ended the relationship once again to embody her “hopelessly romantic” persona.

Marriage and divorce in the show

Married at First Sight’s 12th season, which premiered in 2021, began filming in 2020. Williams, her husband-to-be, admitted that he was not physically attracted to her on their wedding day. Williams still wasn’t over her ex-boyfriend, but despite their communication issues, they remained in their relationship.

During the honeymoon, Paige learned that his ex-girlfriend was expecting a child and he wanted to be the father. A few months later, Williams acquired a high-end Mercedes without asking her first.

As a result, on Decision Day, Banks and Williams decide to go ahead with a divorce. However, Banks admitted that they had made another attempt at a relationship even after that in Unfiltered Season 2021. Despite that attempt, they chose to separate because they were no longer compatible.

Married at First Sight experts regret matching Chris Williams and Paige Banks in 'most stressful season ever' |  The American Sun
Chris Williams and Paige Banks via The US Sun

She also revealed on Unfiltered that their relationship ended ‘thankfully’ on the day of the decision and didn’t last. She informed the other members of the cast that, given the choice, she would not have arrived that day.

Banks further revealed that since then she has been trying to find happiness, write a book and date occasionally. “I have had a fantastic life. Turning the Paige is the book I am currently editing. Many wonderful things have happened. I have also been in love,” she added.

In an interview with Essence, she also reflected on the sequence of events that led to her marriage to Williams. She went on to mention the things she had learned from the relationship. I feel like I’m in a more refreshed, refined place, she said. Last year was incredibly chaotic to say the least, but the best thing about it was that it provided a chance for extreme growth.

What is Paige Banks doing now?

Banks has been investing in real estate since her last appearance on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered in 2022. On the show, she didn’t say much about it, but she did update her license profile Instagram.

Paige Banks as Realtor
Paige Banks as Realtor. (Photo: Instagram)

Banks spoke about the misunderstanding of her celebrity in the caption. I wear many additional hats beyond what was depicted on television, she noted. I have multiple roles in my life including a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, business woman, realtor and so many others.

Other than that, she will release her book “Turning Paige” sometime in 2022.

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