A key member of the X-Men has prevented nuclear war for decades – but his true power could do so much more.

Warning: SPOILERS for Immortal X-Men #10

A major Marvel hero has been preventing nuclear war for decades now, and in a massive reversal of their attitude towards humans, X but is behind the plot. In the real world, nuclear war remains a terrifying threat, as all it takes for a war to break out is a single mistake or one person misunderstanding a situation. But in Immortal X-Men #10, Professor Xavier holds the entire world in his hands, and the mutant leader has his very good reasons for controlling the nuclear situation in the Marvel Universe.


In the Marvel Universe, the last four years of X-Men have changed the franchise irrevocably. The rise of Krakoa, the mutant nation, has finally united all mutants, both heroic and villainous; Magneto sits side by side with Professor X, and Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse sit at tables with the likes of Cyclops and Jean Grey. But Krakoa is not without its problems, and Mr. Sinister, for his own nebulous reasons, has set out to assassinate Hope – one of five key mutants integral to the mutant resurrection.

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IN Immortal X-Men #10, written by Keiron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck, Mr. Sinister’s plan to kill Hope ends in failure as the remaining five (four) mutants are able to revive Hope. After a short fight, Mr. Sinister sent to the Pit, Krakoa’s home for the most vile mutant criminals. Xavier remembers his exactly how he uses his powers. “There will never be a nuclear war,” he muse to himself as Mr. Sinister is dragged below; Xavier has implemented a psychic block in any human who dares press the nuke button. “If you try to bypass it, those trained to launch the missiles will similarly stop in their tracks.” He’s not doing it to save humanity from itself – he’s doing it to save humanity from mutants.

Professor X Alone has prevented nuclear war for decades

Xavier explains his plan for nuclear war

Xavier secretly admits that mutants are dangerous and humanity has every right to be afraid of them (especially the more deadly ones, such as Omega-level mutants). Knowing that a nuclear war could be caused by a human overreaction to mutants, Xavier’s plan is not only a safeguard against nuclear Armageddon, but the last and best defense for the island of Krakoa. In this way, not only will a worldwide nuclear war be prevented, but an attack on Krakoa will almost certainly never happen.

Xavier also realizes that he could do far more with his powers than stop any human from launching a nuclear missile. If he really wanted to, he could conquer the world with his telepathy: it would be trivial for him to control the minds of several world leaders at once (for example, he could force Britain to recognize the existence of Krakoa). Xavier however, will never do this – even if he believes it would be in the best interest X but and the world.

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