Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, but a Batman villain is able to easily beat the Man of Steel every time.

As one of the most powerful heroes in The DC Universe (and all comics), Superman has taken on evil gods, reality warriors and some of the smartest and most dangerous people on the planet, but surprisingly Ivy is the one villain shown to consistently be able to beat the Man of Steel with no problem.

Superman is routinely one of the first lines of defense against any threat to Earth. The villains Superman regularly fights are evil geniuses like Lex Luthor, monsters like Doomsday who grow stronger from death, energy parasites and alien warlords like Mongul, yet Superman regularly manages to defeat them all. Superman’s powers are truly godlike, and yet Pamela Isely has managed time and time again to easily defeat Superman, not because of sheer raw strength, but because of the nature of her powers. In fact, Superman has lost to her more regularly than any of his regular villains.


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Readers get to see Poison Ivy’s secret weapon against Superman in Trinity #2 by Francis Manapul. It is well known that Poison Ivy has control over all plant life, and although people may assume that control is limited to plant life on Earth, this is not the case. Ivy shows absolutely no problem controlling Black Mercy, an alien plant that can trap people in hallucinations. The Black Mercy is the Justice League’s greatest threat, slipping its victim into a dream of their perfect life while feeding off their energy. This dangerous plant already defeated Superman in the famous story For the man who has everything by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Not only was it able to captivate him, but when he was pulled from his dream of a perfect life, he became enraged and nearly killed Mongul in a fight. The fact that Ivy seems to be able to control the mind-altering plant at will means that she already has one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses, but this isn’t the first time she’s defeated the Man of Steel without difficulty.

Poison Ivy easily defeated Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

Poison Ivy DC Trinity

Poison Ivy has defeated the Man of Steel with ease several times. One of the most famous examples was in classical history Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, where Poison Ivy was able to use Kryptonite to take control of Superman’s mind. In a story arc during writer Tom King’s run, Poison Ivy gained control of the Green, allowing her to control nearly all of humanity, including Superman. Poison Ivy’s powers are terrifying, but often overlooked by most comic book fans. While her control over plant life certainly makes her strong, few realize how many times she has gone up against Superman and won with complete ease.

The villains Superman fights regularly rank among some of the most dangerous villains of all time The DC Universebut every time Superman coming up against IvyMan of Steel can never seem to win.

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