Nikki Bella explains why her and DWTS pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev’s son, Matteo, was absent from their August 2022 wedding in Paris.

Nikki Bella has explained why her and Dancing with the stars professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev’s son, Matteo Chigvintsev, was absent from their wedding in August 2022. Nikki is famous as a WWE star and has appeared on reality TV shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. Meanwhile, Artem began to perform DWTS in her 18th season and became a professional dancer in season 19. Nikki competed in the DWTS’s 25th season where Artem is her professional dance partner. The duo shared obvious chemistry, but Nikki was still dating WWE Superstar John Cena at the time. But after her painful separation from John, she eventually started dating Artem.


Dancing With The Stars’ Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki got engaged in November 2019 and welcomed their son Matteo in July 2020. However, the couple postponed their wedding several times before tying the knot in Paris on August 26, 2022. The lovebirds said their vows in front of a small group of family and friends. However, to the surprise of many fans, their two-year-old son, Matteo, was not present. During a recent chat with E! News, Nikki explained why Matteo, who was supposed to be their ring bearer, didn’t grace their wedding. She revealed that Matteo threw up and told how she and Artem found out. Nikki revealed that her brother, JJ Garcia, told them about Matteo’s condition. She explained, “The Nutcracker is playing and we’re like looking down the hall and I’m like, ‘Where is he?'” In the end, JJ handed her the rings and told her about Matteo’s vomiting and encouraged her and Artem to go ahead with the wedding.

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Nikki and Artem were sad that Matteo missed their beautiful moment

Total Bellas' Nikki Bella and DWTS' Artem Chigvinstev

However, Matteo’s parents were devastated by the news. Nikki revealed, “I think I turned white.” Despite the disappointment, the wedding went ahead and Artem and Nikki wondered about their parentage. Nikki explained, “We both don’t even remember the ring part because we both kept looking at each other like, ‘Are we terrible parents, like putting our rings on and we just found out our son is throwing up in the back?'” She revealed that Matteo returned to the hotel after throwing up and later recovered. The loving mother concluded, “But I’m sorry we don’t have that moment, but that’s okay. We’ll see him sooner.”

Nikki and Artem would have loved to have their son present when they said their vows. However, it did not turn out as the couple wanted because of the son’s vomiting. One can imagine how the lovebirds would have felt at that moment as they had to proceed with the wedding while thinking about Matteo’s well-being. Luckily, Matteo was okay and recovered from the vomiting episode, and his parents went on to have a beautiful wedding ceremony. Although the little tot missed that part of his parents’ lives, he will continue to share many more beautiful memories with them.

Meanwhile, Nikki’s clarification about her son’s absence from her wedding to Artem will ease the minds of those who were worried about the issue at the time. It’s good to know that little Matteo wasn’t throwing a tantrum or being naughty, but was probably just too excited about his wedding day duties that it made him throw up. He will learn from that experience and be better prepared for a grand occasion if and when it is called the next time. One can only hope so Dancing with the stars Professional dancer Artem and his beautiful wife have many more reasons to celebrate with their family in the future.

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Source: E! News, Nikki Bella/Instagram

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