A new image teasing the 60th Anniversary specials for Doctor Who actually includes a Rose Tyler Easter egg, hinting at a possible return.

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  • New teaser hints at Rose Tyler’s return in Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary specials, reigniting the nostalgia for the beloved companion.
  • The #WhoSpy campaign reveals behind-the-scenes images, with the latest hinting at Rose’s potential comeback.
  • The teaser image shows the TARDIS in a hallway lined with posters from businesses, including Henrik’s, where Rose used to work, suggesting her possible involvement.

A new teaser from Doctor Who hints at the return of the beloved companion Rose Tyler in the 60th Anniversary specials. When Doctor Who ended its 16-year hiatus, it brought in a new Doctor and a brand-new companion. Fresh from the Time War and the supposed destruction of his species, the Doctor was a lost and broken man. After meeting Rose, he managed to recover some of his old whimsy. He even fell in love with her along the way. Their bond could not last long as he tragically lost her along the way.

As the lead-up to the 60th Anniversary specials continues, the BBC has been teasing images from behind the scenes of the show with the hashtag #WhoSpy. The latest image features a hint that Rose may be returning to the show after all.

The teaser features the TARDIS nestled at the end of a long and narrow hallway. Posters seeking new workers at businesses line the walls. One of those businesses, Henrik’s, happens to be the department store chain that Rose worked for when she was first introduced.


Source: BBC

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