Ted Sarandos – the new co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix – has weighed in on criticism of the streaming service, which often cancels shows on its programming.

Sarandos gave an interview with his new co-CEO Greg Peters for Bloomberg over the weekend (Jan. 22), after co-founder Reed Hastings stepped down to become executive chairman of the company.

In the interview, Sarandos was asked by reporter Lucas Shaw how “the evolution of the business” has “impacted [his] relation to the creative community”. “On the internet there are constantly people who are outraged [Netflix] shows are being canceled,” Shaw said.

“We’ve never canceled a successful show,” Sarandos responded. “A lot of these shows were well-intentioned but speak to a very small audience on a very large budget. The key to that is you have to be able to speak to a small audience on a small budget and a large audience on a large budget. If you do it well, you can do it forever.”

According to Decides, Netflix has canceled over 90 shows since 2014 — and many after only a single season aired. The most recent of these was Decoupling, which starred Neil Patrick Harris as a gay man on the dating scene again in his 40s after the end of a long-term relationship. Other programs canceled by the service in recent months include Blockbusters, The imperfect and the TV adaptation of Resident Evil.

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