The strategy action of Minecraft Legends lets players either team up to fight enemy hordes of Piglin in a Co-Op campaign with their friends or face each other in PvP multiplayer. Both modes are a great way to change the gaming experience and are very easy to set up. Additionally, since the title can connect with players across different platforms, there are tons of opportunities waiting for almost everyone to participate.

Multiplayer works through a drop-in system in this game, essentially allowing players to come and go as they please. As a result, the action is not interrupted, nor do players lose important resources, such as diamonds i Minecraft Legends, if they have to leave. However PvP mode does not connect to the same drop-in system seen in PvE mode, so players must create separate games for both types.

How to Create a Co-Op Campaign Game

Multiplayer Co-Op by Minecraft Legends‘ campaign is far simpler to do than any PvP as the option becomes available right from the Campaign tab in the main menu. Players can either continue an existing campaign or start a new one at their leisure from here. In addition, before starting the game, press Loss on the PC or go to Friends barely allows players to invite friends to their gaming session.

How to create a PvP game

Minecraft Legends Player overlooking Beacon on a hill

From Main menumust players travel to Versus mode instead of starting to create a PvP game. From there they have three choices which affects how the player and their friends can either team up in Co-Op against strangers or make a private match for themselves. Finally, the player can choose one Public game to meet other players online who could raise armies to raid their base and its important resources such as Redstone i Minecraft Legends.

Players can choose one of three options when setting up a PvP game: Public game, Host gameor Private game before you read the world with friends.

The other two options are to have one Host games or Private game, the former of which gives players direct control over settings rather than finding a PvP game online. A private game takes this to the extreme and allows only players to participate from Friends barely or a direct invitation. Once all players are loaded as strangers or friends’ games, the host can start the match when everyone is ready.

PvP mode lets players level up to four friends to play with Minecraft Legends‘ multiplayer, where many Co-Op alliances can be formed to take down others, or a unanimous attack can be made against Piglin forces invading from the Nether.

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