Malaysian celebrity Mohd Shafiq Abdullah was born on August 10, 1964 and is currently 58 years old. He was a former Director General of Public Service and the people of Malaysia were familiar with him. In February 2022, he was appointed to this position. On 13 December 2022, he announced his retirement as Director General of the Public Service.

What is the net worth of Mohd Shafiq Abdullah?

Mohd Shafiq Abdullah was subsequently appointed as the Deputy Secretary General (Management) of the Ministry of Health. He continued to advance to high positions in the public sector due to his work and commitment. Mohd Shafiq Abdullah was appointed Secretary General (KSU) of the Ministry of Health on 10 February 2021. (KKM). He was then appointed Director General of Public Services (KPPA) on 10 February 2022, a position he left on 13 December 2022. He currently has a net worth of 1 million USD thanks to his work in the public sector.

What was said in the media by Mohd Shafiq Abdullah after his retirement on 13th December 2022?

Mohd Shafiq Abdullah announced that he will sue everyone involved in his termination of service just a day after his retirement. Before being fired on 13 December 2022, he had been appointed Director General of the Public Services Department on 10 February 2022.

Mohd Shafiq Abdullah announced that he would file a lawsuit against whoever sacked him after receiving a letter terminating his employment on Monday, December 12, 2023. According to the officials, the letter of termination was dated December 1, 2022, but Shafiq revealed in the media, that the document actually had a date of December 12, 2022. There have been no further developments regarding his termination in the news yet.

Childhood and education

When describing Mohd Shafiq Abdullah to the readers, it should be noted that he goes by the full name of Dato’ Sri Mohd Shafiq bin Abdullah. Since he was born on August 10, 1958, he has been 58 years old. Shafiq was actually born on August 10, 1964. He remained mum about his birthplace and current residence. He most likely lives in Kuala Lumpur.

It has previously been reported in the media that Mohd Shafiq had a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (Honours). He received this degree from Malaysia’s Universiti Kebangsaan (UKM). Shafiq also pursued a master’s degree. He earned his master’s degree from Japan’s Meiji University. He has a master’s degree in public administration.

Family background

In the last 30 years of serving in government public services, he has consistently made headlines for his outstanding performance. But his personal life is something he has never discussed in the media.

The 58-year-old values ​​privacy in his family life. His work in the civil service would have made his parents happy forever. Through his professional successes, he showed his family and siblings respect. In addition, Shafiq practices Islam because he comes from a Malaysian Muslim household.

Relationship status

It seems he is a happily married man. Like his parents and siblings, Mohd Shafiq Abdullah keeps his wife and children out of the limelight. After his retirement on December 13, 2022, he was never seen again with his wife and children vacationing in amazing places.

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Our best guess is that his children have graduated and are holding positions of responsibility in the public sector. A follower of Islam, he has always adhered to its rituals, which makes him uncomfortable discussing his wife, son and daughter in public.

When he was a member of the administration, those who knew him well always treated his wife and children with the utmost respect.

Do you know about Mohd Shafiq Abdullah’s career?

As mentioned earlier, he spent 30 years working for the government before retiring on 13 December 2022. He was involved in politics in Malaysia and made significant contributions to the welfare of the Malaysian people. If we discuss his job, in 1992 he was appointed Assistant Secretary in the Ceremonial Department of the Prime Minister’s Office. He was later appointed Deputy Secretary-General (Policy and Development) (KKR) at the Ministry of Public Works.

Facts about Mohd Shafiq Abdullah

  • Mohd Shafiq Abdullah acknowledged in the media that he has consistently supported the new administration’s goals to improve and modernize the civil service.
  • Building an entrepreneurial civil servant was never easy for him.
  • He always went the extra mile while serving to produce results and money for the nation, influencing attitudes and promoting analytical, strategic and problem-solving thought processes.
  • In his dealings with the authorities he always wore an English suit
  • He wears glasses as his eyesight is poor.

Social media

Questions and answers

Who is he?

He served as Director General of Public Services before (KPPA)

Who is his wife?

He never mentions the name of his wife anywhere.

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