Marvel places Mister Sinister as a surprise hero in Sins of Sinister as the original mutant Sinister realizes his future is out of control.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #10, Sins of Sinister, and Immoral X-MenMarvel sets up its Sins of Sinister event to have a shocking twist, placing the clearly evil Sir. Sinisters as the potential savior X butalong with other heroes like Storm and her Brotherhood of Mutants.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Earth-616’s Mister Sinister can never truly be a hero; he is an evil villain down to his last brain cell with no hope of true redemption. However, his intensely large ego and sense of self-preservation is just what the universe needs Sins of Sinister takes over. Sinister has been planning his takeover of the universe for years now, but the prompts, previews, and synopses of the event tell a different story: Nathaniel Essex will have to fight his own Sinister clones if he has any hope of making it out of this twisted universe alive.


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Mister Sinister will always be evil, but he can still play hero

Immoral X-Men #1 Preview Emma Restraining Sinister

Once again, it’s important to clarify that Mister Sinister will never be a hero in the traditional sense. He has always been a monster obsessed with eugenics and unethical experiments – which made him a terrifying ally of the Nazis for many years – and it is obvious that nothing will change that. But sometimes heroism comes from unlikely places, and Sinister can still end up helping save the world from its own sins, even if it’s for purely selfish reasons. A fascinating aspect of Immortal X-Men #10 – written by Kieron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck – is the revelation that even after Charles Xavier has been “sinisterized” through the corruption of the Resurrection Protocols, he still retains an important part of his Xavier personality. Throughout the issue, Xavier reflects on various aspects of his life and his dream, proving that when someone is reborn as an uncanny through his resurrection corruption, they don’t just become uncanny; they integrate Sinister’s thinking and personality into their pre-established ones. In this way, Sinister may have made a huge mistake because no one in the Quiet Council trusts Sinister. Even after they are destroyed by Sinister’s genetic meddling, it is likely that they will continue to distrust him.

One more preview Immoral X-Men #1 all but confirms the Sinister Quiet Council’s betrayal of the “original” Sinister, as a Sinister Emma Frost is seen attacking and strangling Sinister in her lab. This will likely lead to Sinister trying to take down these Sinister traitors. The same preview scene shows Sinister in his lab creating a beloved character from Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X event, the mutant chimera Rasputin IV, a powerful mutant who combines the powers of Colossus, Magik and other mutants to become a nearly unstoppable force of nature. Rasputin IV was the greatest hero of Powers of X, fighting Nimrod and his dogs in one of Moira’s many future lives, her return has been highly anticipated by X-Men fans. While Sinister himself may directly fight the Quiet Council’s Sinister regime in the upcoming event, it is truly his creation of Rasputin IV that will be his most heroic addition to Sins of Sinister. Cover for Immoral X-Men #3 also reveals that Rasputin and Sinister are teaming up against Sinister Exodus to fight their way through a Krakoan hellscape, with Marvel’s call for the issue revealing, “Rasputin makes a valiant attempt to reverse the cruel fate of the Marvel Universe.“This suggests that Sinister’s creation of the chimera hero may be the act that ultimately saves the entire world in Sins of Sinister.

Sinister & Rasputin may be the only ones who can save the universe

Immoral X-Men #3 cover featuring Sinister and Rasputin

Sir. Sinisters will never be a traditional hero for X but – literally anyone sense – but his intensely evil desire to survive and win is just the mark of sociopathic stubbornness that the universe could use if the terrible Sins of Sinister ever to be reversed.

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