Ironheart is on the verge of repeating Iron Man’s worst mistake as a hero, as her new abilities make her much more than an armored Marvel hero.

Spoilers for Invincible Iron Man #2 by Marvel Comics

Iron heart playing with fire regarding her new powers, which the young hero is on the verge of making one of Iron Man’s biggest mistake. IN Invincible Iron Man #2, Riri Williams uses the ten rings to give herself powers beyond anything she’s ever had. However, Tony Stark can’t help but feel that Ironheart using the powerful weapons could lead to her losing control and ultimately her downfall.


IN Invincible Iron Man #2 by Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri, Bryan Valenza and VC’s Joe Caramagna of Marvel Comics, Ironheart and Iron Man team up to take on the Living Laser that has attacked the old Avengers headquarters. But when Iron Man is knocked to the ground and the dangerous villain breaks his armor, Ironheart removes her armor and unleashes the new powers she has acquired from the ten rings. Tony Stark can’t help but express frustration that Riri Williams uses the Ten Rings even though it saves him, saying that he strongly disagrees with her decision to use them.

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Iron Man knows what great power can make a hero

Tony Stark is worried about Riri Williams gaining the incredible powers of the Ten Rings – which she used to enter the Living Laser’s mind – as he knows a thing or two about gaining god-like power and being destroyed by it. In the latest Iron Man series before the current arc, Iron Man gained the powers of a god by using the Power Cosmic to make the world a better place before he completely lost control and killed some of his closest friends. Tony probably sees Ironheart—who agreed to protect the Ten Rings after Iron Man bought them from Source Control—being blinded by extraordinary power, just as he was.

Ironheart Ten Rings Marvel Comics

While Riri Williams seems confident that she can maintain control of her new powers from the Ten Rings, Iron Man’s concern is entirely valid. He knows firsthand what incredible cosmic power can do to someone, and he doesn’t want Ironheart to make the same mistakes he has. However, Williams has always been more stable than Stark, so maybe she can control the ten rings – but that’s a lot to ask of a previously powerless hero.

Fortunately for Ironheart, even though she doesn’t take Iron Man’s warnings seriously about the dangers of the Ten Rings’ great powers, she has someone in her life who has experienced the downside of gaining god-like abilities. So if Iron heart loses control, Iron Man will be an important ally in making sure she gets out of the incident unscathed. Invincible Iron Man #2 of Marvel Comics is in comic shops now.

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