That Married at First sight Season 16 couples are fast approaching MAFS Decision Day, a journey that once took from the 13th installment. It was hoped that the current season would be more successful, MAFS doesn’t have the best track record in matching couples who stay married.

If the last few seasons are any indication of what’s to come, it’s important to brace yourself for the long haul as the drama continues long after the cameras stop rolling. The Houston season may not have been a roaring success, but many bonds were formed between the Season 13 cast over the past few years. Some connections were more unexpected than others.



Brett Layton

On Decision Day, Brett decided to split with her husband Ryan Ignasiak and they went their separate ways. She may have split from her husband, but she remains friends with some of her Season 13 costars. Brett was seen in Myrtle Feria’s TikTok of them and costar Rachel Gordillo, who all enjoyed a little carpool karaoke. But since Brett keeps her accounts private, updates on her life usually come from snippets seen in her friends’ posts. She has decided to stay connected with the show as a fan, and shared her thoughts on MAFS season 14 couple with People.

Ryan Ignasiak

A photo Brett and Whitney from Married at First Sight look serious outside

Since his divorce from Brett, Ryan has maintained contact with someone else MAFS season 13 husbands. He attends training and dinners with them. Ryan has even attended an Astros game with MAFS‘ Doctor Viviana. She did not return for the show’s most recent 15th season so she could dedicate more time to outdoor projects and opportunities.

Ryan still works in the Houston Oil & Gas industry but finds time to show up MAFS. He returned to the show for season 14’s “Where Are They Now?” special episode where he may have had budding chemistry with Alyssa Ellman. The two were flirty with each other, and although they seemed to have more chemistry together than they had with their previous partners, the romance was short-lived.

Jose San Miguel

Jose smiles as he talks to the camera in Married at First Sight MAFS.

Jose and his wife Rachel initially chose to stay together. However, after sharing that they had split after filming MAFS before later getting back together, they announced via US Weekly that they had filed for divorce and would officially separate.

He has since continued to work as a Mission Flight Specialist for NASA and keeps in touch with other husbands in Season 13. Keen Investigation MAFS fans have noticed a new woman in a couple of Miguels Instagram post. Although he has not explicitly or publicly confirmed the nature of their relationship, he has responded to comments. He has let fans know that he is happy with his life and continues to move forward since his divorce.

Rachel Gordillo

Rachel and Jose embrace in Married at First Sight.

Rachel hasn’t slowed down since her time on the hit reality TV show. After filming and later going through her divorce, she has stayed close to her season 13 costars, Johnny and Brett, and has also formed a strong bond with Myrla.

When she’s not in Houston, Rachel travels the world and chronicles his adventures on Instagram and via his personal blog, “Booked at first sight.” She doesn’t shy away from her experience either MAFS, and occasionally posts light-hearted scrolls reflecting on her marriage. Rachel also discusses the feedback she’s received from fans since filming.

Gil Cuero

Gil Cuero looks to his right in Married at First Sight.

Gil was one MAFS season 13 favorite, and it was easy to take his side in the relationship with Myrla. The experts on the show hoped that being opposites would attract the two. Eventually, it did, but their different values ​​made it difficult for their relationship to last through the difficulties that come with a new marriage after filming the show (via E! News).

Now Gil spends much of his time traveling. He is currently partnering with an agency to offer travel experiences. He would like to encourage others to travel to holiday destinations curated by the company. While Gil insists that he is happily single and, “in relation to his passport” (via Gil‘s Instagram), some MAFS still tried to suggest he “save” earlier MAFS from their bad relationship. Still, Gill doesn’t entertain the idea and instead pokes fun at the idea that he should be everyone’s “savior” in his social media videos.

Myrla Feria

Myrla looks intently at Married at First Sight.

During the season 13 reunion and the “Where Are They Now?” episode, Johnny and Myrla talked about the friendship they had formed after filming and how they became closer after her divorce from Gil. There was speculation as to whether their relationship ever turned romantic, but they both maintain that they are just friends and have never dated. Besides Johnny, she has also remained close to Brett and Rachel. Her social media presence mainly includes workout videos and healthy lifestyle posts. She is likely to remain single.

Johnny Lamb

Johnny Lam looks at the camera in Married at First Sight.

After his separation from Bao, Johnny has moved forward. He and Myrla became fast friends after each of their divorces. Still, he’s been seen hanging out with the women on his season (except his ex-wife Bao) and recently met up with Myrla while traveling in Europe (via Instagram). He appears to be in a relationship with Kayla Fischer, a health and fitness entrepreneur.

Bao Huong Hoang

Bao smiles in Married at First Sight

After Decision Day, Bao and Johnny divorced and she began dating her season 13 co-star Zack Freeman, who had previously been married to Michaela Clark. The relationship caused quite a bit of drama before it eventually ended due to multiple cheating allegations leveled against Zack, according to US Weekly. Bao now focuses on his work at MD Anderson Cancer Center and spends plenty of time with his family and dog.

Zack Freeman

Zack Freeman looks annoyed in Married At First Sight MAFS

Zack and Michaela weren’t the best MAFS couple, and it was difficult to root them. While Zack was portrayed in a better light than Michaela, it was obvious that they would each be happier with someone else. Zack said during season 13 “Where are they now?” episode that he could see Bao becoming that happiness, but after a few months of dating, the two eventually broke up. The software engineer has since largely stayed out of the public eye.

Michaela Clark

Michaela narrows her eyes in Married at First Sight MAFS

Michaela chose not to participate in the night outing with the rest of the cast at the official end of the Houston season. She was seen as a villain during the season due to some of her outbursts of frustration over her relationship, but she says she wants to work on herself and move forward with her healing for a brighter future. While she is still healing from her experience MAFSshe hasn’t completely put it behind her and still keeps in touch with other members of the Houston cast, most of them the other women, as well as Johnny.

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