The long-lasting Mario Kart the series is arguably the most beloved racing franchise of all time, and there are more than a few clones that manage to hold a candle to it. For gamers who don’t gravitate towards Nintendo devices, there’s no real way to play the series other than the mobile release Mario Kart Tour, and even those who have access to the game may find themselves looking for something new. However, there are many other kart racing games that are quite similar Mario Kart that provide similarly enjoyable experiences.


In conversations about race titles, Mario Kart always seems to take focus, especially with the latest Mario Kart booster course releases for the game that have started adding even more tracks to the title. Over the years, there have been many releases clearly inspired by the cartoonish kart racer that have been able to hold their own, and even bring new things to the table, which Mario Kart do not do. These are the best Mario Kart-style games that are actually worthwhile.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a solid Mario Kart alternative

There have been more Sonic racing games released over the years that are similar Mario Kartstyle, but All-Stars Racing transformed is the best received title of them all. The title comes from the fact that a player’s vehicle will often change shape mid-race, from car to plane to boat, which is an interesting twist on the normal formula. Though Team Sonic Racing was also quite well received, it does not have this unique feature.

Players can choose from a myriad of characters from Sonic universe and beyond, including racers like Crazy taxi‘s BD Joe and Wreck-It Ralph. The game’s objects differ nicely from Mario Kart and offers unique options like Blow Fish and Ice Cannon that keep things fresh. The graphics of Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed has also stood the test of time and still does not appear too dated several years after publication.

Crash Team Racing is chaotic fun in the Mario Kart style

Crash Team Racing key art showing Crash Bandicoot and friends racing.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled perfectly captures the absurd nature Crash Bandicoot series in racing form, with its own unique flavor that sets it apart Mario Kart game. Though Crash Team Racing will not receive updates as Mario Kart has continued, it is still worth an experience.

A combination of power-ups and projectiles can provide a lot of fun pacing that offers everything from classic Bandicoot TNT boxes for homing missiles and the appeal of playing as the series’ most iconic characters undoubtedly add extra appeal to Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

Super Indie Karts is a great Mario Kart Twist

Super Indie Kart key art showing many characters and its title.

Super Indie Karts goes back to the early days of kart racing and takes inspiration from a number of other indie titles in both their racers and tracks. The game is still in early access, but nevertheless has an extensive set of gameplay options. That Mario Kart-like games also offer an interesting retro twist, featuring both 16-bit and 64-bit tracks in a way that uniquely manages to capture two eras of nostalgia in one title.

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Super Indie Karts proves that not only Nintendo and RARE can be a good racer, with all the different modes that players are looking for in a Mario Kart-style games, such as grand prix racing, time trial and battle. The game has a growing list of tracks, karts and characters from other indie titles such as Guacamole!, Toejam & Earl: Back in the Grooveand Runbow. Although there is currently no firm release date for the final version of the game, the game has a lot to offer even in early access, and developers have been continuously updating it.

SuperTuxKart is an open source Mario Kart

SuperTuxKart title with the Linux penguin in front and other characters around it.

SuperTuxMap is perhaps one of the most unique entries on this list, primarily due to the fact that it is a completely free, open source title. Its creators didn’t try to make one Mario Kart clone with SuperTuxMap but something all its own, where players are encouraged to create their own characters, courses and arenas and share them with the community. The game plays up its open source nature in fun ways – for example, the game’s protagonist is Tux the penguin, Linux’s mascot, and there are also other characters inspired by popular open source programs such as GIMP and Blender present.

Unlike most kart racers, SuperTuxMap even has a main story set in the Mascot Kingdom where Tux will go up against the evil dragon Nolok to make the kingdom safe again. Alongside this story mode, players can participate in races either solo against the AI ​​or with friends, play a special soccer mode, speed through time trials and more. With so much content, it’s amazing that the entire game comes without the problems of video games’ widespread microtransaction problem that typically comes with free-to-play titles. Players can also find free tools for things like programming and 3D modeling for SuperTuxCart to make their own creation process easier.

All-Star Fruit Racing is a delicious take on Mario Kart

All-Star Fruit Racing key art showing colorful karts speeding along with a dinosaur-like monster in the background.

All-Star Fruit Racing takes Mario Kart in a much more edible direction with a game centered around juicer-based power-ups. As players zoom around the levels – which are imaginatively designed levels divided into the categories of spring, summer, autumn, winter and special islands – they collect fruit to fill their juice tank and trigger special combos. All-Star Fruit Racing offers a career mode – a rarer find for less realistic kart racers – as well as elimination races, hill climbs and customizable championships where players can tailor things like difficulty. Players will find extensive car customization options in addition Mario Kartgreat for anyone who wants it Mario Kart had several aesthetic choices.

With Mario Kart celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, the lasting impact the series has had on the racing genre is undeniable. Since the franchise has such a deep-rooted grip on the kart racing market, it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy other similar titles – players are too distracted by the other games. Mario Kart. But if players put their Mario Kart Comparisons aside, these other video games can offer a fun, different take on the kart racing genre that fans know and love.

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