The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer promises more of Grogus’ Order 66 flashbacks, and its cameo set-up supports a troubling theory about who saved him.

The Mandalorian season 3 trailer promises more of Grogus’ Order 66 flashbacks and supports a troubling theory about who saves him. Grogu’s backstory is inextricably linked to Order 66, as it was revealed that the child was smuggled out of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant while the Purge – and Anakin Skywalker’s slaughter – was underway. The Mandalorian and The book about Boba Fett has built this into a key mystery, which has naturally led to more suspects as to who saved Grogu.


While there are theories that range from the plausible (such as Jocasta Nu) to the near-impossible (Mace Windu?!), The Mandalorian season 3 trailer supports arguably the most troubling of them all: Anakin Skywalker himself.

The theory is that Anakin – due to a combination of his own inner turmoil along with the baby’s resemblance to Yoda – would have decided to spare him from the massacre. Star wars has constantly tinkered with Order 66 – recreating events and revealing more new survivors – and also Anakin’s own arc. even previously referred to Darth Vader as one “anti hero,” and it has further explored the character’s duplicity, which could even extend to him rescuing (or at least sparing) Grogu during Order 66.

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The Mandalorian season 3 trailer makes it more likely that Anakin saves Grogu

Order 66 Flashback in The Mandalorian Season 3

Although it would still be a major Star wars retcon, the theory Anakin saved Grogu under Order 66 gains more credibility (and relevance) thanks to The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer. Not only does it once again show Grogus’ flashbacks to the Purge, with several Jedi ahead of him, lightsabers at the ready, but it clearly sets up the appearance of Anakin himself. The scene in question certainly makes it look like a lightsaber is being used to cut through the door of a mysterious attack, and given that the timeline and location are fixed during Anakin’s attack, it wouldn’t be a shock to he was on the other side of it. at this stage.

That in itself lends some more credence to the theory, as it will better confirm that he had the means and ability to spare Grogu’s life (although exactly how Grogu was then driven away to the hidden place he lived in for years remains unclear ). More than that, though, is that an Anakin cameo in The Mandalorian would definitely have a deeper meaning. He is the defining figure of the Skywalker saga, and not one to be used lightly for a quick cameo (and while The Mandalorian have had plenty of Star wars cameos, the biggest ones – such as Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano – have been important plot drivers).

So if Anakin does show up, it’s fair to assume it’s not just to show him killing some Jedi. It doesn’t add anything that isn’t already part of his character Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and would just feel like a cheap bit of fanservice. It’s easy to show Grogu’s rescue (and rescuer) without Anakin — the scene from the trailer is all that’s really needed to contextualize it — unless, of course, said savior is Anakin himself.

Why Anakin Skywalker Shouldn’t Save Grogu from Order 66

Anakin Sith Grogu Order 66

Anakin Skywalker being the savior in Grogu’s Order 66 flashbacks would fit with Disney’s approach to the character, but that’s exactly why it shouldn’t happen. Darth Vader is one of the greatest movie villains of all time for a reason, and while his redemption takes that into account, his incredible power, intimidating presence, and evil factor established him as such long before he turned on the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. There’s nothing wrong with Vader being evil after turning to the dark side, because that’s an inherent part of his character, and there’s no need to change that to improve his redemption.

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If anything, the opposite is true. By having Vader be an “anti-hero” or seeing Anakin save Grogu, it suggests that he had never fully fallen to the dark side. It ultimately weakens his redemption, moving it from a father returning to the light thanks to his son’s actions (and Anakin being the chosen one) to a messier, he-was-never-really-bad narrative that doesn’t pack same punch and undermines the original trilogy far too much. Redemption is a core theme in Star wars, but it rests on the idea that anyone can be redeemed; that it is never too late return to the light. Saving Grogu would instead suggest that Anakin never fully let it out to begin with.

That’s not to say that Anakin/Vader can’t be a complex figure. Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s exploration of Anakin’s fall and how the Jedi’s mistakes contributed to his joining the dark side is an example of how he can be portrayed as complicated and have depth added to his arc without affecting its core. The Mandalorian season 3 having him save Grogu would unfortunately be going too far and unnecessary to boot. There are plenty of Jedi – those known to the audience and others not – who could have saved Grogu during Order 66. Anakin would feel forced, overshadowing the story and throwing his entire arc out of the original trilogy’s perfect balance.

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