• Lauren Cohan discusses the ambiguity of Maggie’s final line in The Walking Dead: Dead City and how it sets up Season 2.
  • Maggie’s final line suggests that she wants to end her feud with Negan and let go of their past, but its exact meaning remains open to interpretation.
  • The season finale of The Walking Dead: Dead City presents two possible paths for Maggie – to kill Negan for revenge or to save him by fighting the Damaen. Season 2 could reveal her choice.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 6!The Walking Dead: Dead City star Lauren Cohan has opened up about Maggie’s Season 1 ending and how her last line could be interpreted. The last episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City In Season 1, Maggie traded Negan for the Croat for Hershel, something Hershel believes was prompted by her need for revenge against Negan. Maggie’s last piece of dialogue in the episode is her telling Hershel that she plans to end her feud with Negan so she can let go of their past.

talking with Weekly entertainment before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike, Cohan explained how Maggie’s last line in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 could be interpreted. While she wouldn’t say for sure what the line means, Cohan expressed excitement about how it set up The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2. See what Cohan had to say below:

I hesitate to say. Because I know what that means and I don’t want people to be directed because I’ve heard so many different perceptions of that moment. And I love seeing how differently people take it. So I definitely know what it is and that makes me more excited to do another season. It makes me really interested in putting all that down on paper and on film because the best part of this character yet is where she can go now. And it wasn’t what I ever imagined.

How Will Maggie End Things With Negan In Dead City?

Maggie and Negan look concerned in The Walking Dead: Dead City

After Maggie traded Negan for the Croat, Negan was brought to the true leader of Manhattan, Dama. The Dama recruited him to help her take over the rest of New York City and threatened to kill Hershel and destroy the Hilltop if he didn’t comply. While Negan may no longer be on good terms with Maggie, The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1’s ending indicates that he will help Damaen keep Hershel safe.

Maggie says she will “End it” with Negan could mean she intends to kill him. Ever since Negan killed Glenn in The Walking Dead season 7, Maggie has not been able to heal from it. Her grief over Glenn and anger towards Negan have since become her defining character traits and a key motivator for her decisions in The Walking Dead: Dead City. By killing Negan, Maggie can hope to put her grief to rest.

However, The Walking Dead: Dead City‘s season finale also sets the stage for Maggie to help Negan instead. This is because Hershel is clearly angry at Maggie for being so vindictive towards Negan. Maggie’s final scene sees her find a drawing of Dama Hershel made, which Maggie could interpret as someone from New York City. Instead of getting revenge on Negan, Maggie can instead channel that energy into fighting the Dama. Despite her inability to forgive Negan, The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 might just see Maggie save him.

Source: EW

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