Mac DeMarco has commented on TikTok’s impact on the music industry, saying he finds it “very depressing”.

DeMarco’s comments came in an interview with Variety about his new instrumental album, ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’, where he was asked if he was grateful to have made it in the pre-TikTok era. Although he said his songs tend to do well on the platform, he said he found it “weird” that sometimes artists write music that is designed for TikTok success or believe that going viral is how they can best make money.

“It’s very depressing. I think that’s the problem because artists have slipped into this role of, ‘Well, I need those things.’ You don’t… but if you want to make money , I think you do,” he said. “I’ve always been one of those people who do what they want to do, and if money comes in afterwards, that’s a bonus.

“A lot of my songs actually do pretty well on TikTok, but I never had to think, ‘Well, this should sound pretty good, faster!’ At the same time… what are people saying? Get that bag or what? Live your life the way you want to live your life, I don’t care,” he continued.

Mac DeMarco. Credit: Eve Jennings

DeMarco added that he gets the impression that “kids don’t seem to like going on tour anymore”. He explained: “Going on tour was the greatest gift of life for me. You get a van with your friends and drive around, party every night, share your music, see the weirdest parts of every city and meet other weird people. It’s like , ‘Do you want your life to be an adventure? Be good.’ And now people say, ‘I’m so tired…’ I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old uncle, but it’s weird!

He then went on to talk about ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’. “That’s why it felt completely natural for me to make this record. It has its own weird little musical identity and it doesn’t ‘smash’, it doesn’t have ‘bangers’. It just is what it is. I love music. I love recording music. I love to listen to music. And I don’t need extra luggage to come along. It is a very simple pleasure to be alive. Maybe I’m getting a little too poetic…”

‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ was released yesterday (January 20).

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