The Cave of Evil on Dagobah helped Luke Skywalker overcome his greatest fear, but for the Sith it has another, darker purpose.

In training Luke Skywalker, Yoda saw fit to subject him to the ‘Cave of Evil’ deep within the swamps of Dagobah. When Luke asked what he wanted to find in the iconic Star wars location, his Jedi Master told him, “Only what you take with you.” However, this cave was also used by Sithwho had a different perspective on his abilities.

Years after Luke’s training, the cave was also used by Snoke to train Kylo Ren Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Snoke #1, by Tom Taylor and Leonard Kirk. For the Sith, the Lair of Evil is meant to be a place they can use to purge the weakness from themselves by embracing their darkest thoughts. When Kylo asks what’s inside, Snoke says, “Only what you have been too weak to bury.” This is a fascinating accompaniment to Yoda’s explanation, showing how Jedi and Sith view this experience differently.


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Sith and Jedi both took advantage of Dagobah’s Force Vergence


Dagobah is a Force vergence where powerful energies naturally gather. In fact, the swamp planet is considered to be one of the purest Force locations in the known galaxy, with its vast amount of energy helping to hide Yoda during his exile. Inside the cave, Luke saw and fought himself as Darth Vader, while Kylo Ren first sees his uncle Luke, then his parents. Kylo kills his uncle, but he is unable to kill his parents, proving not only his true fear, but also the emotional roadblocks that stand in the way of fully embracing the dark side.

Dagobah reveals the Jedi & Sith’s different uses of fear

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader fight in Dagobah Cave Vision

In many ways, Jedi and Sith viewed fear in the same way – as the path to the dark side. But while the Jedi saw this as a tragedy, the Sith saw it as a way to gain immense power. It makes sense, then, that as they each confront their nightmares in the Dagobah lair, Luke and Kylo Ren react in opposite ways. Luke kills “Vader” but gains insight into his fear of the villain and his own potential for corruption, ultimately rejecting the Sith way and redeeming his father. In contrast, Kylo Ren cannot bring himself to harm his parents in the cave, but this only makes him see it as a limitation he must overcome, and he later kills his father in response. For the Jedi, the cave shows them the fears they must process to stay with the light, but for the Sith, the cave evokes the nightmares they must embrace to strengthen their power.

Dagobah is an incredibly Force-sensitive planet, which is why the Force verge known as the Cave of Evil has been used by both Jedi and Sith as a training ground to identify fear. However, each group’s perspective on that experience is completely different, and while the cave provided Luke Skywalker valuable insight into his own potential for darkness, the Sith Palpatine’s philosophy (via his clone puppet Snoke) convinced Kylo Ren that he could only overcome his greatest fears by making them come true.

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