Lost star Naveen Andrews is starring in a new comedy show, The Pradeeps Of Pittsburgh, and it’s landing a straight-to-series deal at Amazon Freevee.

Lost star Naveen Andrews returns to television as the headliner for Pradeeps of Pittsburgh, a new comedy that just landed a direct-to-series deal with Amazon Freevee. Andrews rose to prominence playing Iraqi engineer Sayid Jarrah in the hit ABC sci-fi drama Lost from 2004 to 2010. His portrayal of Jarrah was critically acclaimed and earned him Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Recently, Andrews signed on to star in the biographical crime miniseries Abandonedwhere he played Sunny Balwani – the real-life president of the fraudulent private health technology company Theranos.


According to VarietyAndrews’ new vehicle, Pradeeps of Pittsburgh, already has an eight-episode straight-to-series order from Amazon Freevee — Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service. The series is inspired by the life of the series’ showrunner Vijal Patel, who served as executive producer on shows such as Black-ish and The middle and has said that the show comes from a very personal place for him.

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Everything we know about Pradeeps of Pittsburgh

Naveen Andrews and Maggie Grace as Sayid Jarrah and Shannon Rutherford in Lost

Production for the show will be a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. Patel will serve as writer and executive producer for the series in addition to his role as showrunner. Michael Showalter of Semi-Formal Productions, who helped create Wet hot American summer franchise, will serve as an executive producer while also directing the series’ pilot. Emmy Award nominee Sara Gilbert (who starred as Darlene Conner in the Roseanne and its spin-off The Conners), Emmy Award winner Tom Werner (who has produced many sitcoms, including The 70s show and The Cosby Show), and Mandy Summers (who produced The 90s show season 1, which was recently released on Netflix).

Andrews will lead the cast as patriarch Mahesh Pradeep, a brilliant engineer who moves his family from India to the US for a business opportunity. Sahana Srinivasan will play the role of Bhanu Pradeep, the Pradeeps’ rebellious teenage daughter, while Arjun Sriram will portray Kamal Pradeep, a mama’s boy who loves to follow the rules. Finally, Ashwin Sakthivel will play Vinod Pradeep, who loves the prospect of a life in America and idolizes Gandhi. The role of Mahesh’s intelligent but feisty wife, Sudha Pradeep, is played by Sindhu Vee, who recently appeared in the Netflix film The musical Matilda.

The show will tell the comical story of the Pradeep family’s first few months in the US through flashbacks from an interrogation room. The Pradeeps will navigate life in America through the lens of their professional, personal and romantic relationships with a polar-opposite next-door family, the Mills. Megan Hilty to play Christian suburban mom Janice Mills, Ethan Suplee to play “the guy’s guyJimbo Mills and Nicholas Hamilton will play their son Stu Mills. Pradeeps of Pittsburgh will hope to find a happy medium between the portrayal of the harsh realities of life as an immigrant and the show’s comedic tone and will look to be another valuable entry into the narrative of the immigrant experience, with Lost veteran actor Andrews leading.

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Source: Variety

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