NCIS: Los Angeles is set to wrap up with its currently airing Season 14, bringing the West Coast-based team’s mission to an end when the finale airs.

After nearly 14 years of solving cases involving the Marines and the Navy, the team is off NCIS: Los Angeles are set to take their last case as CBS confirms that they NCIS The spin-off will end after the currently aired Season 14 finale. the second NCIS Spin-off series began airing in October 2009 on CBS, expanding the popular police procedural drama into a franchise. NCIS: Los Angeles followed Chris O’Donnell’s Special Agent G. Callen and his team of NCIS agents as they discovered the truth behind crimes involving the Navy and other military interests on the West Coast of the United States.


As reported by Variety, NCIS: Los Angeles concludes with season 14, concluding the stories of the Los Angeles-based NCIS team. Season 14’s final episode is currently set to air on May 14 and will serve as a series finale for the spin-off. In a brief statement accompanying the announcement, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach celebrated the show’s longevity and thanked all those who had been involved in making the series the first NCIS spin-off successful. Check out Reisenbach’s full celebration NCIS: Los Angeles from the statement below:

For 14 seasons, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ has been a stalwart part of our lineup with characters that were a joy to watch. It’s no surprise that this show succeeded as a global franchise. From day one, the cast, producers and crew were fantastic network/studio partners and their teamwork, talent and spirit was evident on screen. We are so grateful for the cooperation and remarkable run of these treasured members of our CBS family, and plan to give them the big send off they and their fans deserve.

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What does NCIS: LA’s finale mean for the franchise?

NCIS Three Show Crossover Previewed in New Photos

Lead the destiny NCIS: Lost Angeles was revealed, 2023 was already set to be a milestone year for CBS’ long-running crime procedural franchise, as it’s set to celebrate 20 years since the first episode aired in 2003. And while it wasn’t explicitly stated to be a celebration of the franchise’s longevity, a large franchise-wide NCIS crossover story in between NCIS, NCIS: Loose Angeles, and NCIS: Hawaii sent throughout January. The story focused on a murder case involving a victim with ties to members of all three shows’ respective teams and allowed characters who had never met before to team up, treating longtime fans to interactions between characters that might not normally working together with each other.

As such, fans may be shocked to learn it NCIS: Los Angeles is set to reach its conclusion so soon after the crossover storyline aired. But despite the departure of key cast member Mark Harmon, who played Agent Gibbs until season 19, NCIS nor NCIS: Hawaii has been reported to be completed soon. As such, with no other current indication that either show is at risk of not being renewed, and September set to mark 20 years since the franchise’s first story, it can be assumed that an upcoming story could celebrate the franchise’s impressive life.

While dedicated fans may be disheartened to learn that NCIS: Los Angeles will end with season 14, many may be happy to see the show go out after a season that featured many notable events. Between the ambitious crossover storyline and the return of familiar faces, NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 has seen the series enjoy stories that not only celebrate the franchise as a whole, but reunite them with characters they may have missed. And with the show’s fate now confirmed, many may be wondering how Callen’s story might end after leading the NCIS department for nearly 14 years.

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Source: Variety

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