Peach PRC has shared a playlist exclusively to accompany the launch of NMEs The cover.

The Australian pop artist is on this week’s (June 26) edition of The Cover, a renewal of NMEs commitment to supporting new talent across the globe on a weekly basis. Each week a rising artist will be featured on The Cover – you can read Peach PRC’s profile here, written by Ellie Robinson and with photography by Danny Draxx.

Accompanying the story is an exclusive playlist curated by Peach PRC herself. ‘Songs I’m Listening To’ is 25 tracks of pop perfection, starting with fellow Aussie The Veronicas’ 2006 classic ‘Untouched’ and sliding through nostalgic favorites by the likes of Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff and (in a timely addition) Aqua , but also modern hits by people like Carly Rae Jepsen, Muna and Maisie Peters. (Peach’s own bestie (Paris Hilton gets not one, but two appearances on this playlist). Listen to the entire playlist at Spotify and on Apple Music.

The playlist reflects Peach PRC’s love of “silly, fun pop”, which she speaks to NME about on the front page. “I don’t hear much of that kind of music anymore,” she says. “I think we’re entering a new pop age where it’s very artistic and it’s very dark and it’s like Billie Eilish and Ethel Cain – and I love them both, they’re both amazing in their own rights – but I really miss the really goofy, fun pop that didn’t take itself too seriously. It was just fun to jump around to.”

As her star rises at home and abroad – with a support slot for BLACKPINK at BST Hyde Park on the cards this weekend – Peach tells PRC NME she remains committed to the values ​​of authenticity and accountability. “I will always be true to myself and others – I don’t want anyone to see a facade or a false version of me, whether positive or negative.”

Read the full cover story with Peach PRC here.

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