This book gave me my first taste of the author’s work. It is the first book in the Haven Point series and it introduces tech genius and billionaire Adian Caine, Eliza Hayward, a widow, and her adorable 5-year-old daughter Maddie.

The story takes in the small and tight-knit community of Haven Point. Aiden became the owner of the largest properties in the town. However, because of the previous owner’s failure to provide proper maintenance for the properties, they failed to yield the funding needed to keep the town thriving. As the new owner, Aiden became the target of the resident’s displeasure. Despite this, he plans to spend the Christmas holidays with his family in Haven Point. Then the unthinkable happened. Eliza, a widow, entered his life literally by accident. To assuage his guilt, he offered her a job as his housekeeper for the duration of his family’s visit.

Eliza, down on her luck after the job she moved to Haven Point for went up in smoke, she accepted the offer. Knowing the job was temporary, she had no plans to stay beyond the time required, but she never expected to falling for her boss.

What a wonderful story. Sweet, heart-warming and filled with Christmas cheer. Spending time with the characters proved an enjoyable experience, but Maddie stole the show. She spent most of her life in and out of the hospital, but she never lost her cheery disposition. One encounter with her would change your life.

Aiden recently went through a medical emergency, details of which he has yet to share with his family. A determined, hardworking hero with a generous heart and one who kept his circle small. `

Eliza’s strength and optimism in the face of her disappointments amazed me. She never gave of hope for a better tomorrow.

Aiden’s family added to the beauty of the story with their fun and down-to-earth personality.

The romance developed at a slow but steady pace. Readers who love their romance with lots of steam would be disappointed to know this story had no sexy times. They encountered a few challenges but communication proved to be a powerful catalyst in helping them to work things out. What they shared was sweet and endearing.

I enjoyed the story, but the narration did not work for me. Celeste Ciulla narrated. I am not sure if I would listen to her narration again. Her male voices were off , her voice for Maddie annoyed me and she read with no inflections in her tone.

In summary, Snow Angel Cove was a sweet romance that will fill your heart with warmth and lift your spirits.

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