I can’t even with this book. So, I had high hopes for this book but I was kind of disappointed. Let me tell you, the book is part of a continuing series so we will have cliffhangers and pick up with the characters in the next book. Normally I love that in a romance but this was not my jam. The characters: Tristan and Nina. From the start I was thinking the story would be different than what it was. Nina, seems very smart and well educated in her field of art, wanting desperately to work as a curator but needing the experience. Tristan is a closed off billionaire who is seen as the playboy with no real relationships until one day he approaches Nina. The conversations he has with her are weird to say the least and completely vague. I don’t think he uttered a complete sentence until halfway through the book. This was very annoying as you don’t really get to know his character much other than he’s mysterious and a complete jerk. Nina, on the other hand is a complete pushover. She just does whatever Tristan says or orders rather and doesn’t complain about it at all. When not giving her one word answers to all of her questions, he is leaving her letters that are just as vague and even gives her a job offer through the letter which she has to agree to and sign the contract to after leaving his home. WTAF. From then on it’s like Pretty Woman, meets Sleeping with the Enemy as far as the mood swings go. He’s never abusive to her but the mind games are honestly the worst game of tennis I’ve ever experienced. Finally, the climax… IT’S AT THE END!! The end people… where the narrator switches to his POV for a couple of chapters. The climb to the climb and the climax itself is where they entire begins to make sense, but I spent the entire story pissed off for Nina and at Nina for not standing up for herself. Now we will move on to the next book where Tristan will have to deal with the consequences of his actions. This is where, I HOPE, the story will get better.

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