As so many other reviewers have said, I read this book a while ago and re-reading (or listening) to it now. I find it interesting that Big Brother exists only for power, for the sake of power alone. That idea is so foreign to me on a personal level. I do not understand people who want power whether a supervisor, director, CEO, or politician. I do understand people who want responsibility but that is quite different. None of Orwell’s characters have an innate need for God which makes his characters less believable. All the god are there (power, sex, property, and even prestige) but a yearning for the creator is not. Julia is not inquisitive or curious. She is basically a hedonist, radical only “from the waist down” as Winston says to her. She does not mind being so superficial. The tragedy is, of course, that Winston loses and Big Brother wins. It is quite fascinating when O’Brian goes through the history of past tyrants with Winston when he explains the thinking behind Big Brother’s treatment of the guilty and rebellious.

The narrator is exceptional, exceptional. He really brought the story alive.

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