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Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the main Family member that most players will play at some point, as he is the only one the game requires to be in each match. Leatherface is also a good Family member to play for newcomers, as his gameplay is not as complex as some of the others, and his strengths and weaknesses can be capitalized on to maximize his efficiency. There are also certain Perks that will make Leatherface a strong ally or opponent in any match.

As Leatherface dominates the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, it is no wonder he is the one-player character who must be present in every match. Leatherface has obvious strengths and weaknesses in this game, which can make him simpler to play but harder to master. Here are a few tips and tricks to give you a good idea of maximizing Leatherface’s build.

Best Perks For Leatherface

An example of a Skill Tree for Leatherface with a description of the Master Key Perk in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are a few Perks you will want to get for Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some of these Perks are available already on his Skill Tree, but others are only available if you are lucky with the random Perk slot on the Skill Tree. You can also respec continuously, so if there’s a random Perk you really want, keep respecing until you get it.

Tracker Tagged is one of the best Perks for Leatherface to take advantage of the team-based gameplay. Tracker Tagged is one of the first skills available to Leatherface on the left side of his Skill Tree, and it highlights any Victim Leatherface has damaged for a few seconds for the entire Family. One of his main weaknesses is that Leatherface is slow and can lose track of Victims if they use crawlspaces or passages that Leatherface can’t follow them through. This allows more agile Family members to find the Victim and finish the job.

On the other hand, Leatherface’s main strength in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is his ability to damage Victims quickly and efficiently, and making the most of each attack to ensure the Victims don’t escape is crucial. To that end, Big Swings is another incredible Perk for Leatherface, as it thrives off of Savagery, which he has a lot of, and building up his damage potential allows him to do the job he’s best at.

Master Key can be another incredible Perk for Leatherface, especially if you do not necessarily want to depend heavily on the chainsaw. Master Key makes up for his slow gameplay by allowing him to burst through a door instantly up to five times, depending on the level.

This means that Leatherface can potentially catch and kill a Victim in the opening seconds of a match, particularly on the Family House map, as he can burst into a room where a Victim has just gotten off a hook and isn’t prepared to see Leatherface right away. This immediately gives the Family a one-to-one advantage, making it harder for the Victims to win.

Other valuable Perks include Vial-ent, which you will have to get off a random Perk slot, and Brute Strength. Vial-ent will depend on having some Blood, but Leatherface can keep this on him after killing a Victim to continue to boost his damage output. Usual Perks that support the whole Family will work for Leatherface, such as Nobody Escapes Hell and Animal Farm. As Leatherface cannot feed Grandpa blood as well as other Family members, Perks that increase Grandpa’s abilities passively would also help Leatherface perform better for the Family without him having to collect much blood himself.

Best Strategies For Leatherface

Maim ability tree in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface’s main task in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is to kill as many victims as fast as possible. His strength is in the brutality of his attacks and his maiming with his chainsaw. On the other hand, he is quite slow and has very little skill in Blood Harvesting. Essentially, his job is to keep the chainsaw revved and ready, which means he cannot sneak up on Victims and use his brute strength to his advantage while leaving sneakier and Grandpa-related tasks to other Family members.

While Leatherface can keep his chainsaw quiet, it is advisable to keep the chainsaw ready. This can intimidate Victims and keep them distracted and focused on you instead of stealthier Family members.

Mechanically, this means putting most of his attribute points into Savagery and Endurance to boost his efficiency. You will want to put a minimum amount of points into Blood Harvesting, specifically if you want to use the Vial-ent Perk. Otherwise, let other Family members, such as Sissy, collect Blood for Grandpa while Leatherface takes down Victims.

To further emphasize this, when you can level up his Maim ability modifiers, taking two levels of Overheat Reduction is recommended while saving Level 3 for Instant Activation. This allows his chainsaw to be ready for action at any moment, so Leatherface doesn’t have to stop to rev it up if he sees a Victim, giving them time to escape. Leatherface is typically the damage dealer of the Family members, and increasing damage output is essential as with the right Perks, victims such as Ana can take multiple hits before being killed.

If you use Perks like Master Key instead, being able to destroy Victim’s escape routes will allow him to force them into the open, where he has the advantage. The rest of the Family should be aware that they are more clearly responsible for feeding Grandpa and setting traps, as Victims that escape Leatherface will be put in their path instead. Remember, good teamwork is the key to making Grandpa proud in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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