The Last of Us fans believe that the first Cordyceps outbreak spread through contaminated flour in the show based on various clues from episode 1.

The last of us fans think they’ve figured out how the first Cordyceps outbreak spread on the show. The last of us the show begins in 2003 by following Joel (Pedro Pascal), his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) and brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) during the early days of a mass yeast infection. The series premiere has been widely praised as a faithful adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game, although it changes elements of how the Cordyceps infection spreads, mainly by not having spores as its main method of transmission.


Shortly after The last of us series premiere, fans seemed to quickly figure out how the first Cordyceps outbreak spread on the show. On Reddit, agnostic made a post theorizing that the outbreak was originally spread by contaminated flour based on the many instances in episode 1 where Joel and Sarah incidentally avoid eating food with flour, therefore avoiding infection. A legion of fans responded and agreed with the theory, pointing to additional clues that support it. Check out a few of the posts below:

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How the Cordyceps Outbreak Could Have Spread in The Last Of Us Show

Infected Tendrils zombie on the wall of Last of Us

In just the first 20 minutes of The last of us episode 1, fans may have already figured out how the first Cordyceps outbreak spread on the show. As noted by the Reddit post, there may simply be too many instances of Joel and Sarah accidentally avoiding flour for it to be a coincidence. On the morning of Joel’s birthday, they have no pancake mix, so Sarah makes eggs for breakfast instead. Afterwards, their neighbors, the Adlers, offer them crackers, though Joel refuses, claiming he’s on the Atkins diet. After school, Sarah refuses Mrs. Adler’s cookies because they have raisins in them. That night, Joel comes home late from work and forgets to buy a birthday cake.

If these multiple instances of Joel and Sarah avoiding flour aren’t enough, there’s another detail from The last of us episode 1 that supports the theory. As Joel, Sarah and Tommy eat breakfast, they hear on the radio that there are increasing riots in Jakarta, prompting another Reddit user to point out that this is where the world’s largest flour mill is located. If the first Cordyceps outbreak was spread in the show through contaminated flour, it wouldn’t be a big change from the games where it spread from contaminated crops in South America.

In addition to all the clues in the actual first episode, fans have also spotted co-showrunner Craig Mazin potentially hinting at the tainted flour theory. Speaking of the official Last of us companion podcast, Mazin mentioned dropping “small pieces of breadcrumbs” throughout Episode 1 for attentive viewers to pick up on. Like The last of us co-showrunner suggests that audiences should watch upcoming episodes carefully to see if there is any weight to the tainted flour theory.

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