Kylie Jenner: On May 27, the 25-year-old reality star walked the streets of Paris wearing a vintage-inspired black halter dress with a corset top and a full-length skirt reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s classic white outfit from the 1955 film The Seven Years itch. Jenner embraced the look’s Old Hollywood elegance by leaving her massive brown blowout to the wind and keeping accessories to a minimum.

Yes, the same girl who wore a giant fake lion head on her shoulder at Paris Fashion Week in January sported pointed slingbacks, a black purse and gold earrings. Jenner pulled up her skirt to reveal a bit of leg in a series of stunning Paris balcony photos with a single rose emoji on Instagram.

On the same day as the amorous costume, she stepped out of a Chanel store in Paris wearing a white tennis skirt and matching cropped jacket, teamed with the near-decent, logo-less outfit with small silver rings, black sunglasses and black wearable shoes.

Could We Be Witnessing Kylie Jenner’s Sofia Richie Grainge-ification? At least this look belongs in the category of modest luxury.

Of course, these looks don’t necessarily mean Jenner is ditching her sheer dress collection anytime soon. Consider the backless leather dress she wore to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour stop in Paris on May 26. Women are full of surprises.

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