Knives Out and Glass Onion share one major cameo, present in both films, which has an important connection to the overall murder mystery genre.

Both of Rian Johnson’s films in Benoit Blanc’s murder mystery series share an important cameo which connects Knives out and Glass onion together and represents a major reference to the murder mystery genre. Though Glass onion and Knives out differing in location, story and even lead, they are both obviously inspired by the whodunit genre of detective fiction. The latter is often associated with a number of different productions, but primarily the highly successful crime drama TV series Murder, she wrotestarring the late Angela Lansbury as the main character, thus strongly connecting the actor with this genre.


Glass onion and Knives out actually share several similarities as they both adhere to the genre conventions of detective stories, with Detective Blanc being the only returning character for the second film and the one investigating the murder. Actually, Glass onion mirrors Knives out in several ways across the two films. This applies not only to the narrative structure and character similarities between the two films, but also to some recurring cameos. In particular, there is also an important cameo which, although not noticed by many viewers, can be seen in both Knives out and Glass onion.

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Angela Lansbury appears in both Knives Out & Glass Onion

glass onion_angela lansbury cameo

Angela Lansbury is one of the few actors to appear in both Glass onion and Knives out. Lansbury most famously appeared in one of the opening scenes of glass onion, but she was also in the previous film in the franchise. Granted, Knives out only features Lansbury for a brief scene and in the role of Jessica Fletcher rather than an actual appearance as the cameo in Glass onion. Actually a scene in Knives out opens with Jessica Fletcher before cutting to reveal Marta’s mother watching Murder, she wrote when Marta comes home after meeting Blanc.

This is not the case for the sequel to knives out which shows the late actor in a different light. The reference to Murder, she wrote is less clear in glass onion, where Lansbury appears at the beginning of the film. IN glass onion, Angela Lansbury plays one of Blanc’s friends when the detective is shown playing Among Us in a video call with some friends, all of whom are a fun celebrity for the audience to discover. Therefore, it appears that Lansbury is acting as himself in glass onion, as the name on her quarter screen on Blanc’s laptop says “Angie”.

Angela Lansbury’s Knives Out Cameos brilliantly honors The Murder Mystery Genre

angela lansbury_murder mystery genre_murder she wrote

Having Lansbury present in both films allowed her to have multiple cameos in Rian Johnson’s films, similar to other actors such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt who were actually in both Glass onion and knives out and it’s definitely a fun easter egg for viewers. However, Angela Lansbury’s cameo is much more than just a cameo. It’s also a clever reference to the tradition of the genre both films belong to, as Lansbury became associated with detective and crime so strongly because of her iconic character Jessica Fletcher.

Indeed, her presence in both films honors the genre, but serves as a tribute to one of Rian Johnson’s inspirations for creating the Benoit Blanc series of films. This tribute not only honors Lansbury and her character, but also suggests that Johnson’s film can both celebrate and innovate the genre, with Glass onion continues Knives out’s tradition of modernizing the genre. With this reference to one of the icons of the murder mystery genre, both Glass onion and Knives out seem to reinforce their place in the tradition of this genre.

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