Katy Perry teased her next album during a live show in Las Vegas this week – check out the footage below.

The pop singer was performing at the Resorts World Theatre as part of her current residency in Sin City when she made a reference to her latest two records, ‘Witness’ (2017) and ‘Smile’ (2020).

Both LPs were met with “mixed or average reviews” from critics, according to Metacritic. NME described the latter album as “frustrating” in a two-star review, adding that it “lacks the fireworks of Perry’s record-breaking years”.

Back in 2018, Perry revealed that the response to ‘Witness’ gave her “bouts of situational depression”. She said: “The public didn’t react in the way I had expected to … which broke my heart.”

Perry jokingly referred to her most recent full-length projects while she was onstage in Vegas, but gave a hint that her next chapter would be starting soon.

“If you can’t love me at my ‘Witness’ or ‘Smile’ era, then you can’t love me in my KP6 era,” she told the audience, teasing her yet-to-be-announced sixth album. Check out the fan-shot footage below.

During an interview last week, Perry explained that she is currently “writing a lot” of new material.

“[I] have written a lot from a place of love because I’m feeling so much of it – so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed,” she continued, referring to her young daughter Daisy.

“I’m always writing, I have been, but I think what’s really important to me is to be celebrating the world that I’ve got to build with all of these wonderful songs and to be responsible for a life for a three-year-old.”

Perry added: “I will be back, but let me get this right.”

The singer’s ‘Play’ residency in Las Vegas is set to end this November – you can find any remaining tickets here.

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