Karl Urban’s 2012 Dredd movie was not a commercial success, but there is a possibility that Urban’s Judge Dredd character may continue in the future.

The 2012s Dredd may not have been a financial success, but was well received, and Karl Urban’s take on the character still deserves a sequel. Set in a post-apocalyptic city in the year 2080, Dredd follows a powerful law enforcer who has the ability to play the roles of judge, jury and executioner. Dredd is based on the British cartoon series Judge Dreddwhich was previously adapted into the 1995 film.


Though Judging Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone was universally panned, a 2012 reboot starring Karl Urban fared much better, with general consensus maintaining that the updated version was superior in almost every way. Over a decade later, no Dredd sequels have come to fruition, but the series originally had expansive plans for follow-ups. Dredd would still return for a sequel no matter how much time has passed since the first film.

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Why it’s not too late for Dredd 2

Dredd movie Karl Urban

Although more than a decade has passed since the first one Dreddis there still an option Dredd 2 could happen. Upon release, Dredd was a box office failure, grossing $41 million on a budget of $30-45 million. However, Dredd has gained a serious cult following since then, and has become more popular as the years have gone by. There are still plenty of stories to tell Dreddand with a larger following than ever, Dredd 2 with Karl Urban in the lead role could definitely still be in the cards. Developing a sequel to a box office failure years later is not unheard of THRONE: Legacy did exactly that almost 30 years after the original THRONE.

Another great reason Dredd 2 remains plausible, the popularity of everyone involved in the film is growing enormously after its release. Karl Urban’s profile has risen significantly since 2012, when the actor appeared in Thor: Ragnarok and participates The boyswhile producer and controversial director Alex Garland has made acclaimed films such as Ex machine and Destruction. The combined star power of Karl Urban and Alex Garland may be just enough to finally get Dredd 2 made, which Judge Dredd: Superfiend animated series and cartoon continuation of the film’s story have kept interest in the franchise alive, despite Dredd‘s box office failure.

Dredd 2 sets up an even better sequel

Daniel Hadebe as Judge Volt looks sideways in Dredd

While Dredd was great on its own, the movie set up an even better story Dredd 2. Karl Urban 2012 Dredd restart was meant to start one Judge Dredd trilogy, although these plans never actually came to fruition. Alex Garland (via Digital Spy) has teased all sorts of futures Dredd stories that would have been in the sequels. Initially, Dredd 2 was supposed to be an origin story focusing on the beginnings of Judge Dredd and Mega-City One. Dredd 3 would then have introduced Dredd’s archenemy, Judge Death, and the Dark Judges – an exciting prospect for anyone familiar with Judge Dredd comics.

Garland has also revealed that he played along Dredd 3 covers the story of “Democracy”. This story is often considered the best Judge Dredd, focusing on Dredd’s morality and his authoritarian role in society. If Dredd 2 and 3 had ever happened, they would have also introduced the villainous Chief Justice Cal and the anti-fascist graffiti artist Chopper. There are so many exciting potential storylines that could have been explored Dredd trilogy, but none have happened yet. There is still a possibility that they may in the future.

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What Karl Urban and others have said about Dredd 2

Karl Urban in Dredd picture

A surprising amount has been said by Karl Urban and others regarding Dredd 2, some of which raise hopes for a potential sequel. Karl Urban said he would play Judge Dredd again if given the chance, most recently rekindling his interest in a sequel in August 2022. Alex Garland has said that a direct Dredd sequel is unlikely, although there have been rumors of another kind of continuation.

In May 2017, a TV series titled Judge Dredd: Mega-City One was announced, potentially following up on Urban’s comments about moving on Dredd with a streaming series. Later that year, Karl Urban announced that he was in discussions to appear, although that is the last that has been heard of the show. However, Judge Dredd: Mega-City One was never officially cancelled, and an entire studio was set up to produce the series. Though Dredd 2 never happens, it seems likely that the story of 2012’s Dredd could be continued in a TV series.

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