Juliette Porter and Amanda Miller’s recent social media posts suggest that Siesta Key may be ending after the upcoming season finale.

The days of Juliette Porter and Amanda Miller Siesta key may be over, according to their latest social media post. This season, the MTV reality series that premiered in 2017 rebranded itself as Siesta Key: Miami Moves and followed the cast from their hometown of Sarasota to Miami. Unfortunately, fans haven’t loved the new season as much as previous seasons, and the cast has grown increasingly frustrated with the series, calling it editing and calling the reality TV environment toxic. Kelsey Owens’ unexpected firing also caused a lot of frustration for her and her fans. Many think it’s time for the show to end.


Siesta key fans can get what they want, as Juliette and Amanda hinted on social media that it could be the end of the road for the series. Juliette shared an Instagram story of her and costar Chloe Long lying on a float in the water.

She wrote the lyrics to it, “that’s when we filmed the pilot for siesta key. They put a clip of my audition tape in the finale. It’s a good one guys.Juliette followed up her post by sharing several throwback photos from the previous seasons Siesta keyincluding a group photo with Garrett Miller, who left the series after season 4b.

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Amanda suggested Siesta key The final will be sad

Siesta Keys Amanda Miller

Amanda joined the nostalgia by sharing a series of Polaroid photos of her Siesta key starring with a bittersweet caption. “In the last 5 years these people (and a few more) have become more than friends, they are my family. It has been an honor to do this show with them by my side,Amanda wrote. She went on to say that despite all the drama, she has so many memories with her mates. She also hinted that the finale might be her favorite yet. Amanda thanked Siesta key fans for all the support they’ve shown her over the years. “Grab the tissues for tomorrow’s final,” Amanda concluded. Fans in the comments speculated if Amanda’s post meant something Siesta key is coming to an end.

It is certainly suspicious that both Siesta key stars shared nostalgic posts with meaningful captions. Typically at the end of a season, stars don’t remember how far they’ve come because they know they’ll be back for another season. They also don’t put snippets of audition tapes in the finale unless the show is over. Juliette and Amanda’s posts certainly seem to point to the end of Siesta key. Another clue is how the cast has reacted to this season on social media. They grow increasingly frustrated with the series, and Juliette has hinted many times that she is getting older and doesn’t want to keep filming her life for the show.

Siesta key fans have accused the show of creating fake drama this season, and if that’s true, it’s because they lack stories. The actors don’t get into petty fights like they did when they were younger because they’ve grown so much and have different priorities. The show isn’t what it used to be, and even though they rebranded this season, it doesn’t look like the new city could save the show. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Juliette and Amanda seem to know the fate Siesta key.

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That Siesta Key: Miami Moves the season finale will be broadcast on Thursday 19 January at 20.00 on MTV.

Sources: Juliet Porter/Instagram, Amanda Miller/Instagram

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