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Date of birth 1 July 1976
Full name Julie Tsirkin
Birth name Julie Tsirkin
Nationality American
Motherland United States
Father’s name Vladimir Tsirkin
Mother’s name Tanyusha Tsirkin
Horoscope Cancer
Marital status Relationship
Net worth 600,000
Siblings Paulina Tsirkin
Education Rutgers University
Insta link Insta link

As an American journalist, Julie Tsirkin has attracted much public attention. She currently works as a congressional correspondent for the American television network NBC.

Tsirkin worked as an intern at MSNBC and was part of the election team in 2018. She is one of the Uprising’s journalists and has a significant following on Instagram.

A closer look at Tsirkin’s financial success: her net worth

Similar to Kelly Collins Lintz, Julie Tsirkin has managed to amass a net worth of approx $600,000. She has amassed considerable wealth as a result of a successful and accomplished journalistic career.

Tsirkin has made money as an NBC News congressional correspondent. She has worked for NBC News’ Capitol Hill Unit as a producer and reporter since 2019.

The photo of Julie Tsirkin on the set of the NBC Today Show. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Similarly, from 2017 to 2019, Tsirkin worked as a digital producer for MSNBC. She has made additional money over the past two years at MSNBC in anchor producer positions.

Unfortunately, Julie has kept her other sources of money and business endeavors secret. Her real estate holdings and other financial endeavors were not disclosed.

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Discover details about Tsirkin’s parents and age

Julia Tsirkin was born on July 1, 1976 and at the time of this writing is in her late 90s. Tanyusha Tsirkin is her mother and Vladimir Tsirkin is her father.

Julia Tsirkin with her father Vladimir Tsirkin and mother Tanyusha Tsirkin in front of the Eiffel Tower. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Julia values ​​her parents and always expresses her admiration for them. Fans watching and scrolling through her Instagram can see her unwavering love for her parents.

Her mother is American and her father is Russian. Unfortunately, a quick search in the public domain turns up no information about their professional lives.

Does Julie share any siblings?

According to the online public spheres, Julie has no siblings. However, this is untrue and she also has an older sister who often reads her social media accounts.

Julie Tsirkin during her sister Pauline Tsirkin’s pregnancy. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul))

Her older sister’s name is Paulina Tsirkin, but there is no information on when she was born. She is also going through parenthood and raising a son and a daughter.

Pauline has a quiet life away from the prying eyes of the media as she is a private person. @dressup_polly is the username of her Instagram account, which is set to private mode.


Tsirkin, a journalist, has a respectable educational background. She enrolled at John Cabot University in 2015, but transferred to Rutgers University before completing her degree there.

Tsirkin double majored in journalism and media studies at Rutgers University. She started there in 2013 and graduated with honors in 2017 after starting her undergraduate studies.

Is Tsirkin single? Revealing the truth behind her relationship status

Julie Tsirkin has a romantic relationship with her partner Gavi Reichman. After some investigation, it is discovered that they had been romantically together for more than five years.

Since their start of dating in 2015, Tsirkin and Reichman have shared many romantic moments. However, the details of the initial meeting or dating are currently unknown.

The engagement ceremony photo of Julie Tsirkin and Gavi Reichman. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Tsirkin will soon marry Reichman after the latter proposed on May 8, 2021. She responded positively when he proposed to her with a diamond ring.

Tsirkin regularly posts photos of himself and Reichman on his Instagram account. They express no indication that they may end their relationship and only express excitement to do so.

Social Media

On social media, journalist Tsirkin has established a significant and strong presence. She enjoys communicating with her thousands of admirers on her social media accounts.

Julie Tsirkin in the Russell Senate Office Building. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Her Instagram username, handle@newsjul, is often searched for online. On her Instagram account, she publishes news articles that give an insight into her daily life.

Julie uses the Twitter and Instagram platforms in addition to her other social media accounts. She can be reached on Twitter at @JulieNBCNewswhere she has over 20,000 followers.

Learn more about Julie’s animal friend

It is well known that Julie Tsirkin is a dedicated news reporter who also has a strong bond with animals, especially dogs. Steve is the name of the Labradoodle they currently own.

Steve has been adopted by Tsirkin and Reichman as their own child. Despite her hectic work schedule covering news and journals, Julie often spends quality time with her pet child.

Julia Tsirkin and her romantic partner Gavi Reichman with their dog Steve. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Julie usually posts adorable pictures of her dogs on her Instagram. Not only are her followers moved by these posts, but they are also encouraged to welcome these devoted and loving furry friends into their hearts and homes.

Tsirkin also highlights the importance of providing dogs with a caring environment. She tells touching stories about rescued canines who were adopted into their forever homes.

Does Tsirkin enjoy sports?

Celebrity character Julie enjoys watching a variety of sporting events. She watches a variety of sporting events, including ice hockey and American football, to clear her mind.

Julie Tsirkin and Gavi Reichman watched the New York Jets game. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

Henrik Lundqvist, an ice hockey player, is Julie’s favorite. She often attends games with the New York Rangers, whose goalie he is and for whom he plays ice hockey.

In addition, Julie and her companion Gavi watch various National Football League (NFL) games. When it comes to NFL teams, they are New York Jets supporters.

Professional career

As already said, Julie Tsirkin works for NBC News as an American news reporter. After joining in September 2017, she first began her journalism career as a desk assistant at NBC News, where she worked for five months.

Julie Tsirkin covered the debate between Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes for WISEN. (Source: Instagram @ newsjul)

She completed a production internship at MSNBC after leaving NBC News. She worked as a digital producer, anchor producer and was part of the 2018 election team after the internship, but she left MSNBC after two years and ten months.

Julie currently works for NBC as a congressional correspondent. She joined NBC in June 2019 and is even a reporter and producer for the Capitol Hill Unit.

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