A plot synopsis for Superman & Lois season 3 makes Jordan officially becoming the show’s Superboy an inevitable outcome for the series.

Details of the story to Superman and Lois season 3 reveals that Jordan becoming Superboy is inevitable at this point. Ever since the show’s premiere confirmed that he inherited his father’s powers, it has been suspected that Jordan would one day become the show’s interpretation of Superboy from DC Comics.

Superman and Lois toyed with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing Superboy in Season 2. Jonathan’s super-powered Bizarro counterpart sported an outfit clearly inspired by the DC Comics character. However, it became apparent that Bizarro Jonathan was too much of a villain to be considered the true Superboy. Still, expectations for Superboy’s eventual appearance remained the same, especially since Jordan showed a lot of progress in developing his powers and has also expressed a great interest in using his abilities for good.


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Why Jordan could become Superboy as early as Season 3

Jordan stands on the Kent farm in Superman and Lois

Originally, Jordan becoming a full-fledged superhero felt like a long-term goal for his arc in the series, but a synopsis for Superman and Lois season 3 indicates that his evolution into Superboy may happen sooner rather than later. According to the plot description, Season 3 will see Jordan find out what “a superhero identity really matters.” Jordan has already faced some of the challenges Superman must endure when it comes to hiding his powers, but Season 3’s tease promises an entirely different kind of conflict for the character. From the looks of things, he’ll serve as a vigilance sometime after the show returns.

This idea that Jordan will struggle with a superhero identity proves that the show will follow up on a key development in Season 2. As he used his powers, Alex Garfin’s Jordan Kent began to pull up his hood to cover his face. So far, his actions have remained out of the public eye, but if he keeps this up, it won’t be long before the people of Smallville begin to acknowledge the existence of its teenage superhero. Whether or not the show or the city will officially name him “Superboy” remains to be seen, though.

General Lane can help Jordan become Superboy

Past arguments with Clark and Lois make it unlikely that Jordan will start out with the support of both parents if he does in fact become Superboy. But he may be able to count on the help of his grandfather, who tried to secretly train both boys in Season 2. The synopsis mentions that Sam will work with Jordan, which could very well be a reference to the latter’s vigilante activities. If Jordan receives guidance from a general experienced in dealing with the superhero community, he may find an easier – and faster – path to becoming a proper superhero in Superman & Lois’ universe. Depending on how skilled he will be in using his abilities, he may end up taking a heavy hand in the matches when the protagonists go up against Bruno Mannheim and Intergang.

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