Following oral surgery in August 2022 to remove a cancer, iconic Australian singer John Farnham is reportedly “cancer free” and “doing really, really well” according to his son Robert. “He sings at home.”

“He’s doing really well, he’s super positive,” Robert said. “Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing, and it’s his time to go that way.”

Robert made the comments to the Seven Network’s Sunrisewith family friend Gaynor Wheatly ahead of the TV premiere of the new documentary about his father, John Farnham: Finding the Voice. Released on 18 May, the film has become the highest-grossing Australian documentary of all time.

“Just the other day he walked around with his cane and did a little dance, which was amazing,” Robert said. “He’s really, really happy.”

Farnham turned 74 this month and, according to Robert, has yet to see the documentary.

“He’s not one to watch himself, you know, on TV or even read reviews,” he said. “He’s just not like that – but we make him see it.”

Farnham underwent an almost 12-hour operation in August 2022 to remove a cancer from his mouth, which saw part of his jaw removed. The procedure was followed by reconstructive surgery.

Farnham is most famous for his 1986 album ‘Whispering Jack’ and its single ‘You’re the Voice’, both of which hit number one in the Australian charts. Farnham won six of the first ARIA Awards in 1987, including Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Selling Album, Best Selling Single, Best Male Artist and Best Adult Contemporary Album. Before his successful solo career, he was a member of the Little River Band.

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