The January 24 Wordle answers can be easily solved if players use words with multiple vowels or attempt the puzzle using Wordle’s hard mode.

24 January Wordle puzzle may be one of the easiest puzzles to solve, especially since the game has been throwing complicated words at players for the past week. While the word is commonly used in everyday conversation, the two vowels next to each other can throw some players off. To solve today’s puzzle, players will have a better chance of solving the puzzle if they use words that contain multiple vowels, especially next to each other. But if players can’t think of such words right off the bat, they can try their luck with another mode.


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The key to finding out the correct positions of the two vowels is to use Wordle‘s hard mode, which forces players to use stricter rules. These rules are useful for figuring out the correct placement of certain letters, as it does not allow players to use confirmed letters in different places. Because of this, players are forced to use words they normally wouldn’t, and at times this can result in figuring out the answer faster than the regular mode. But even veteran players often get stuck on their last few attempts and prefer to use hints to solve the daily puzzle.

Today’s Word Tip (January 24 #584)

Wordle Puzzle Tips on iPhone

Use hints to guess Wordle answers are not necessarily cheats as they do not destroy the solution and keep the challenge alive. These clues only give a fair idea of ​​the answer and are somewhat similar to clues used in other vocabulary and board games. Here are some tips to help players guess January 24th Wordle reply:

Tip 1

Determine the total number of (a collection of objects).

Tip 2

a European man of the same social rank as an English earl

Tip 3

___ Dracula (fill in the blank)

Today’s Word Answer (January 24 #584)

A screenshot of a blurred Wordle game with the game title in focus.

On January 24 Wordle the answer is COUNT.

To solve today’s Wordle puzzle, we first used the word VAULT, which revealed the correct placement of two letters. We then entered the word GAUNT which showed the correct placement of another letter so we could figure out the other two letters. Next, the word MOUNT revealed the correct placement of four letters and told us what our next guess might be. Finally, on our fourth try, we solved today’s Wordle answer with the word COUNT.

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