The January 23rd Wordle answer contains three vowels in different positions, and one of them is repeated. Here’s how players can solve it using hints.

23 January Wordle The answer is available for players to try, and although it is a common word used in the everyday lexicon, it can be difficult to solve. The key to solving today’s Wordle the answer is to use words that have a vowel in the very first position. It is also worth mentioning that the solution has two more vowels in the spelling, which can make solving today’s puzzle difficult. However, if players feel that they are wasting attempts on random guesses, they may want to use a different mode.


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Veteran players prefer to use Wordle‘s hard condition, as it forces them to plan their trials with words that contain confirmed letters in the same location. Although this mode is more time consuming, it benefits the players as it lets them develop strategies that they wouldn’t normally use in the regular mode. However, some players may find themselves stuck in their last few attempts due to the strict rules and complicated mode. In this situation, it would be wise to use contextual hints that give a better idea of ​​the answer:

Today’s Word Tip (January 23 #583)

Wordle January 14, 2023 574 tips

Players who have tried crossword puzzles or other vocabulary games will be familiar with the type of hints listed below. These clues can be enough for most players to guess the correct answer and continue their daily streaks. But if they can’t solve the solution with the three hints, they can solve today’s Wordle answer with the actual answer:

Tip 1

escape from or avoid a sticky situation

Tip 2

not to be caught by anyone

Tip 3

The answer to your question _____ me. (Fill in the blank)

Today’s Word Answer (January 23 #583)

Wordle Puzzle Tips on iPhone

On 23 January Wordle the answer is AVOID.

To solve today’s Wordle answer, players will want to use a word with a vowel in the very first position. The first word we used, EAGER, revealed that the solution had a repeating vowel, even though one of them was not in the right place. The next word, EARLY, revealed another letter’s misplacement, making solving the answer a bit difficult. In our third attempt, we used the word EXUDE, which fortunately revealed the correct placement of four letters. Finally, after knowing the correct position of the missing letter, we solved today’s Wordle answer with ELUDE.

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