January 18 Wordle answer is a type of beet commonly grown in home gardens with white petioles and green leaves. How to solve it.

January 18 Wordle The answer may not be the easiest to solve, as it only has one vowel and is a type of beet that is not commonly used. Players could have better luck solving today’s puzzle if they used words that contain a third-position vowel. There is a good chance that players may discover other letters from today’s answers, but it will only take so far, why many Wordle players prefer to use another mode that prevents them from using random guesses.


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To be strategic about solution Wordle puzzles are very important as they let players use different complex words and apply different approaches. Moreover, Wordle‘s hard mode is the perfect playground for players to test new strategies, as they cannot reuse confirmed letters in different locations. But even the best players often get stuck if they can’t think of the answer and resort to using hints to maintain their daily streak.

Today’s Word Tip (January 18 #578)

Wordle 512 November 13 Letters

Sometimes players figure out the correct placement of a pair of letters but are stuck on their last pair if they don’t have additional information. This is where contextual hints come in handy as they can help players guess January 18th Wordle answer without technical cheating.

Tip 1

a black beet with broad edible white petioles and green leaves.

Tip 2

a popular home garden plant

Tip 3

Swiss ___ (fill in the blank)

Today’s Word Answer (January 18 #578)

Wordle Puzzle on a smartphone

On January 18 Wordle the answer is CHARD.

Wordle players might want to try today’s Wordle answer with their common starting word, such as ROAST. This will result in discovering two letters from today’s solution, albeit in the wrong positions. Since the vowel is in the middle, players may want to use BOARD, which will reveal the correct placement of the last three letters. Eventually, players will be able to figure out today’s Wordle answer CHARD if they use similar words to SHARD.

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