Fast facts

Date of birth

August 15, 2011

Full name

Ivy Ray Hatch


Celebrity child





Father’s name

Boosie Badazz

Father Profession


Mother’s name

Walnita Decuir-Hatch

Mother occupation

Businesswoman, novelist

Gender identity




Marital status



103.6 cm


35 kg

Net worth


Ivy The father of Ray Hatch is Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil Boozie. Boosie’s relationship with Walnita Decuir-Hatch produced his son, Ivy. Ivy is one of the rapper’s eight children.

Among other things, we have songs such as Wipe Me Down, Set It Off, Rocket Man and Mop With It from the well-known American rapper Boosie. His net worth is believed to be $800,000. Earlier, the man encountered considerable controversy after hiring a sex worker for his child.

What is the net worth of Ivy Ray Hatch?

Boosie Badazz, father of Ivy Ray Hatch, is a well-known rapper with a known net worth of $60,000. Due to the success of songs such as Set It Off, Wipe Me Down, Mop With It and Crazy, rap music has been his main source of income. Over 14 million people have watched the music video for his song Better Believe It on YouTube.

Boosie has also made a considerable amount of money from album sales. Over 41,000 copies of his CD Bad Azz have been sold globally. 59,000 copies of his album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell were also sold. But not all of his albums have been hits. When he only sold 300 copies of his album a few years ago, he notoriously made a video criticizing his followers.

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What is the relationship status of Ivy Ray Hatch?

Ivy Ray Hatch is too young to be dating because the famous American rapper’s son is only twelve years old. He was born in 2011, and every year on August 15 he celebrates his birthday.

Ivy is still a young lad enjoying herself with her family and friends. It will take some time for him to begin to understand things like this, so it is best not to interfere in the child’s life and let him enjoy his youth.


Boosie Badazz and Walnita Decuir-Hatch, who were previously married but no longer are, are the parents of Ivy. Boosie is seeing Rajel Nelson, but it is unknown who Walnita is seeing right now. Considering that Boosie has infamously stated in the past that he would never get married, it seems unlikely that these two will tie the knot.

Walnita, Ivy’s mother, runs a successful cosmetics company. She also works as a novelist. She has also worked on television and appeared in the reality series We are Family. Many people love her novel When the Music Stops a lot.

Although Boosie is a troubled person, his mother Walnita has also been detained in the past. She was detained for trying to supply illegal drugs to the Mop Wit It singer while he was in prison. The incident happened in 2010.

A sexual assault by Boosie on Ivy’s brother?

Boosie, the Wipe Me Down rapper, became embroiled in a heated debate after sexually assaulting his toddler. He had paid a sex worker to engage in oral sex with Torrance Hatch Jr., Ivy’s brother.

The rapper originally discussed it on his since-deleted Instagram. And it wasn’t shocking that many people despised him because of it. He was even encouraged to go to jail and threatened that his children would be taken from him.

Ivy may have been a victim of this, although it is not absolutely certain. Nor was Torrance the only child to experience it; according to Boosie, it runs in the whole family. He claimed that his nephews and other sons of a comparable age also went through this, as reported in a story by the New York Post.

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Career of Ivy’s father and other controversies

Boosie Badazz, father of Ivy Ray Hatch, is better recognized for his controversy than his achievements. Rapper Torrence Ivy Hatch, whose real name is Torrence, began his career in the 1990s as part of the hip-hop group Concentration Camp. He then released the CD Youngest of da Camp and began his career.

He has so far released forty-two Mixtapes, three compilation albums and ten studio albums. He has also given acting a shot in the film My struggle. The rapper has also contributed to soundtracks for films, e.g shape shifterThe Week Of and Step Up 2: The Streets.

Instead of his music, Ivy’s father is more known for his controversies. He has a history of getting into a lot of trouble. He has previously criticized Dwayne Wade’s transgender daughter Zaya, Lil Nas X and other people, while also criticizing his parenting skills.

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