Is Monica Calhoun sick? Several stories about the American actress appeared on the Internet when her character Mia died of cancer. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monica developed an early interest in acting. Audiences loved Monica’s portrayal of Mia, the wife of Morris Chestnut’s character, in The Best Man.

For her work, the actress received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture in 2000. Monica is best recognized for her roles in Bagda Cafe, The Salon, The Players Club, The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday. In 1993, Best Man Actress appeared in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and the Disney Channel movie The Ernest Green Story, starring Morris Chestnut. Monica was nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal in “Different Worlds: A Story of Interracial Love” on CBS Schoolbreak.

Is Monica Calhoun Unwell?

Mia, Monica’s character, is stricken with cancer. However, she has not revealed her real illness in the media. The actress made a cameo appearance in the sequel, The Best Man Holiday. In the latter, Mia is terminally ill and dies at the end of the film.

Monica’s character, Mia, died of cancer in the second film, but Calhoun was optimistic that the writers and filmmakers would be able to bring her back if a sequel was made. In The Best Man’s 2013 sequel, Calhoun performed “The Best Man Holiday”, in which Mia Morgan died of cancer. The Best Man: Final Chapters will chronicle the evolution of the cast as they face new relationship obstacles, recurring grudges, and life-changing choices.

What happened to Monica Calhoun?

The Best Man: Final Chapters is returning to television. The first official trailer for the popular Black cinema series has been released, and it will premiere this winter. Wanda, the Bestman actress, made her television debut in the 1985 film Children of the Night.

According to sources, writer and producer Malcolm D. Lee expressed excitement about joining the cast once again to bring his characters to life and guide viewers through each of their final chapters. According to insiders, the film franchise’s finale, “The Best Man: The Final Chapters,” will be a 10-episode limited series set to air on Peacock in February 2021.

Monica Calhoun

Monica Calhoun’s diseases and state of health

According to insiders, the actress is in good health and lives with her autistic son. During an interview with Essence, the film’s writer and director, Malcon D, discussed why he chose Mia, portrayed by Monica, to die at the end of the film.

Monica, the director, discusses the actress’ likely comeback and his enthusiasm for highlighting black stories in the next limited series. Rebbie Jackson was played by the actress in the 1992 biographical miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream. Patricia Tresvant, Ralph’s mother, was portrayed by the actress in the BET network miniseries The New Edition Story. In the year 2000, Monica gave birth to a boy. Her son is also legally blind.

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