Caught Bella Poarch cheating on Tyler, her husband, with Tyga? Bella Poarch, a TikTok celebrity, filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in November 2022. Who hasn’t heard of Bella Poarch? The Filipino-born singer and Tiktok social media sensation rose to prominence because of her lip-syncing ability. She has approximately 91 million TikTok followers and is the third most followed person on the site. She started her musical career and secured a record deal with Warner Records in 2021, in addition to her social media career. People have been intrigued by the star’s divorce and romance since she filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Porch.

Despite her massive fan base, the stunning singer managed to keep her marriage a secret. Also, she never mentioned her husband and never shared any pictures with him. Keep reading to learn more about the singer’s love and married life.

Did Bella Poarch have an affair with Tyga while married to Tyler Poarch? Timeline of a relationship

Bella Poarch dating rapper Tyga rumors emerged on social media in September 2021. The claim spread when two singers were seen together in various TikTok videos. In a residence in Los Angeles, the two musicians were seen dancing to the rapper’s songs. However, Bella subsequently addressed the rumor and claimed that all the assumptions were wrong. She also said that she is just the rapper’s friend.

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Bella Poarch, a TikTok celebrity, filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in November 2022. The couple has been married for a few years, according to court records. Bella and her husband, Tyler, married in January 2019, according to E! News. Their divorce date is listed as unknown in court records received by the media. In addition, the actress demanded that neither party pay spousal support and said she would keep her last name.

Fans of Bella Poarch are amazed

Fans expressed their disbelief on social media after learning the musician had been secretly married for the entire time they had known her. One Twitter user said that Bella had been married for years and no one knew about the level of seclusion they appreciated.

Another person wrote that Poarch took low-key and non-disclosure to a new level, saying that Bella’s followers respected her circle of family and friends to respect her relationship and privacy. Another fan said it takes an insane amount of stealth to hide a complete guy for four years while having an entire career in the spotlight. Aside from Bella Poarch’s secret marriage, fans are also surprised to learn that her last name is not Poarch, but rather her husband’s last name. Denarie Bautista Taylor is the singer’s real name.

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Bella Poarch revealed her heartbreaks

Despite keeping her marriage private, Bella has opened up about her dating and breakup experiences. The artist said she has been single for a year during an interview with the H3 Podcast in July 2021. She also revealed how she ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend while serving in the US Navy.

The “Build a Bitch” singer recalls receiving an email in which her ex-partner said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not able to do this anymore,” according to the email. I’m calling it quits on our relationship. “I never answer my emails.” When asked if her experience affected her ability to connect, Bella Poarch revealed that she “didn’t know anything about establishing a relationship” when she originally joined the Navy.

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