New collectibles and Star Trek gadgets and replicas have been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, including an awesome medical tricorder.

A copy of the famous Medical Tricorder from Star Trek: The Next Generation era has been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Throughout its history, Star Trek has been known for introducing technology into its science fiction world that eventually becomes working technology in the real world. While modern medicine doesn’t yet have a device like a Tricorder, fans can soon own a replica with working lights and sound.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Factory Entertainment unveiled a realistic Star Trek Medical Tricorder. In addition to light, working screen and sounds, it also has a removable hand scanner. Check out the tweet from @colliderfrosty below:

Doctors through TNG era of Star Trekfrom Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) on the USS Enterprise-D to Dr. Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig) on ​​Deep Space Nine for USS Voyager’s EMH Doctor (Robert Picardo), has used Medical Tricorders on screen many times.

Why the medical tricorder is so important to Star Trek collectors

Star Trek TNG medical tricorder

When it comes to Star Trek collectibles companies often focus on action figures and models of various ships. Although they are fun collectibles that many collectors enjoy, Star Trek fans especially love prop replicas. Screen-accurate copies of Star Trek gadgets allow Trekkies to feel more like they are a part of their favorite franchise. Phasers and comm badge replicas have been released before, but the Medical Tricorder hasn’t received as much love. In 1997 Playmates released a Star Trek: The Next Generation replica Medical Tricorder, but few other models have been released.

Based on the comments below the above tweet, fans seem to be hyped for this release. Not only is the Medical Tricorder a device that rarely appears as a collectible, but Factory Entertainment’s upcoming version looks and sounds amazing. Perfect for Star Trek cosplayers or replica collectors, the upcoming Medical Tricorder prop will be an essential addition to many Trekkies’ collections.

Source: Twitter

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