Sarah Morgan is one of the first companions you meet in Starfield and one of your options for a potential spouse. She’s the leader of the space-exploration team Constellation and is skilled in Astrodynamics, Lasers, Leadership, and Botany. She’s connected to the game’s main story and seeks to find intelligent alien life through the relics the player collects.

You can invite Sarah Morgan to your crew after “The Old Neighborhood” quest where you collect a relic from Cedonia. Sarah decides to step back from her leadership duties and join you on your adventures. When she’s out and about with you, it is important to make the right decisions to boost Sarah’s favor and eventually unlock her personal quests.

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Sarah Morgan Likes & Dislikes

Sarah Morgan with eyes Shut in Starfield

Since Sarah has devoted her life to exploration, it’s important to spout the virtues of stellar travel and Constellation whenever possible. Praise exploration and the questions it seeks to answer. Make sure to support the mission of Constellation and the work they’ve done. Sarah is a scientist, so she also likes scientific responses.

No matter what you’re talking about, make sure to maintain a steady sense of morality. She won’t support crime, trickery, or wanton cruelty. If a scientific line of dialogue seems to hurt or lie to others, it’s best to avoid it. This means Sarah appreciates helping others and upholding the heroic morals of Constellation. Sarah will also like you more if you can settle issues with diplomacy and conversation, like if you talk down the bank robbers in “Job Gone Wrong”.

During “High Price To Pay”, you’ll be asked whether you want to stay at the Lodge or The Eye. The Eye is the best choice for continuing a relationship with Sarah.

Sarah’s sense of justice means she wants to see the bad guys pay for what they’ve done, but not go too far. For example, she would rather send a criminal to prison than let them go or kill them. Finally, when you’re talking to her, always pick options labeled “Flirt”, “Romance”, or “Commitment”. The only exception is when you’re talking to her about the Starborn.

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Sarah Morgan Romance & Proposal

Sarah Morgan faces the camera in a warm lounge with a crackling fireplace behind her.

Once Sarah likes you enough, you’ll learn about her backstory with the UC Navy and how she crash-landed after a disastrous battle. She’ll ask you to go with her to the planet to pay respects to her fallen friends. Accepting her request cements your relationship as “friends” and starts the quest “In Memoriam”

During this quest, you’ll meet Sona, the daughter of Sarah’s friends, who survived the crash and gave birth to her on Cassiopeia I. Invite Sona to leave with you and Sarah for an extra boost of favor.

After the quest, you’ll talk to Sarah in New Atlantis, where you can choose the “Romance” response and officially make her your “girlfriend”. You’ll keep this status for a while, furthering your relationship with her until she brings up a conversation about meeting your mother. Choose the “Commitment” option to officially propose to Sarah.

Once she’s had time to prepare for the wedding, you’ll join her on Porrima II and can even invite her mother. With that, you are Sarah’s official spouse, finishing her romance arc in Starfield.

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