Players looking for extra doppelgangers, praise and reputation in Sea of ​​Thieves are able to sell the rare Generous Gift item for these rewards.

Bountiful Gifts are rare and valuable items that drop in Sea of ​​Thieves which has unknown content, which is in high demand by the Reaper’s Bones Company, who will greatly reward the player with Doubloons if they obtain these items. With various commendations earned through the sale of these generous gifts, players can increase their reputation with the company by collecting these items from multiple areas they venture to at sea. While there are no guaranteed chances of a Bountiful Gift appearing within the find, there are places where they have a higher chance of being found.


Players can find generous gifts as a variant of the standard Gift itemoften spotted in groups of one or two within Fortress vault of one Skeleton Fort. In addition, limited time Mercenary Travels sometimes offer gifts as a reward for their completion, encouraging players to take on new adventures in Sea of ​​Thieves hoping to receive the rarer generous gift afterwards. Perhaps the most unorthodox method of searching for generous gifts is to follow X marks the spot Map from The orders of the skeletontypically decreased by one Emergent skeleton after their defeat.

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Rewards from the generous gift in Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves generous gift rare item that can be delivered to the Reaper's Bones Company for great rewards

Once players have collected generous gifts and stored them on their ship through one of their container chests, they can travel to Servant of the Flame to sell the item. Not only will theirs Reputation at Bones Company rise, but they also get a large amount Doubloons and Emissary value. praise given if players entrust other crews to sell the bountiful gifts instead, some related to the Bones Company while others are tied to Mercenary Voyages. In the same way as other recommendations in Sea of ​​Thievesthese objectives also grant Doubloons if players decide to fulfill their requirements.

Here are the rewards based on published character for trading generous gifts:

Degree of dispatch

Doubloon earnings

Emissary value

No envoy

















Many of the praises are tied to the amount of generous gifts traded by either the players or their crews. However, the objectives attached to the Reaper’s Bones Company are solely dependent on Trading company items, including but not limited to generous gifts. Therefore, players simply need to carry a flag associated with the company’s emissary when trading these items to attribute to them the overall commendation in Sea of ​​Thieves.




Plundered prizes

Sell ​​600 of all trading company items while waving the Reaper’s Bones Emissary flag.


Fearless Reaper

Sell ​​320 of all trading company items while brandishing Reaper’s Bones 5th grade Posted flags.


Generous Give

Give a generous gift.

10 doubloons

Generously Give To Many

Deliver 25 generous gifts.

20 doubloons

Generous Giving For All

Deliver 50 generous gifts.

30 doubloons

Abundance to give

Get another crew to deliver a generous gift.

10 doubloons

Abundance for many

Get one or more teams to deliver up to 15 generous gifts.

20 doubloons

Abundance for all

Get one or more teams to deliver up to 30 generous gifts Sea of ​​Thieves.

30 doubloons

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