To unlock the ability to craft the iron ax in Island Sanctuary, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker players must reach a certain level.

Islekeep’s Iron Hatchet is a new tool in Island Sanctuary for Final Fantasy XIV which Farmers of Light can use to harvest new resources from trees, such as Island Resin, Island Coconuts or Island Beehive Chips. This Hatchet acts as an upgrade from the stone and bronze tools that players previously used prior to Patch 6.3. With the new materials obtainable with the Iron Hatchet, players can continue to develop their island paradise and create new recipes for their Home Sweet Hideaway. However, a prerequisite must be met before players receive Hatchet’s crafting recipe from Felicitous Furball.


To unlock Islekeep’s Iron Hatchet in Island Sanctuary of Final Fantasy XIV, players must reach rank 10 and have made all the previous tools before this upgrade. It takes time to level one’s island, so newcomers to Island Sanctuary should not expect to unlock their Iron Hatchet for days or weeks.

Completing daily and weekly tasks, crafting items for targets and managing one’s livestock will ensure that players gradually reach their target of rank 10. Players should always remember to expand and upgrade their farm before moving on to cosmetic purchases.

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Unlocking and Crafting the Iron Ax in FFXIV

Recipe for making Islekeep's Iron Ax in FFXIV

Once Final Fantasy XIV fans have reached level 10, they can receive Islekeep’s Iron Hatchet recipe from Felicitous Furball at the coordinates (X:12.6, Y: 28.4) on Island Sanctuary. According to the YouTuber Funny fan players, players need Island Log × 3, Island Iron Ore × 2, and Island Quartz × 3 to craft the Hatchet. By the time players reach level 10 on their FFXIV island, they will likely have all three of these resources readily available in their inventories. However, it is possible that some are missing one or two of the materials.

In that case, Final Fantasy XIV players at Game clock has stated that Island Logs can be harvested from trees at (X: 20, Y: 23), Island Iron Ore is mined from mineral nodes at (X: 26, Y: 20), and Island Quartz comes from nodes at (X: 22, Y: 16). Players are encouraged to have unlocked to fly on Island Sanctuary, as finding each of these locations on foot can be somewhat time-consuming. Once players have crafted the Iron Hatchet, they can harvest the following resources based on Gamepur scores:


Source of purchase


Island Beehive Chips

Island Wood Opal

Island coconuts

Multicolored Islebloom

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Source: YouTube/Funny fan players | Game clock

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