While Clay can be difficult to find and farm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can gather the resource quickly by using a Furniture Exploitation.

A material players consistently need during their adventures Disney Dreamlight Valley is Clay, a soft and fine-grained form of soil used for crafting, friendship missions, dream light milestones, and Pixar Fest duties. To find clay in Dreamlight Valley is fortunately fairly straightforward, but involves some RNG. To get Clay in Dreamlight Valleyplayers must be in one of three areas:

Clay sites

Glade of Trust

Sunlit plateau

Forgotten Lands

The discovery rate of clays in these three biomes does not differ, so adventurers need not worry if they have not yet unlocked one or the other. Regardless, players must travel to one of them (preferably with their favorite Dreamlight Valley villager in tow), equip their shovels, and start digging, excavating the soil in random locations across the area’s map. The Sunlit Plateau is one of the best places to find Clay Dreamlight Valleyas it is quite spacious with few trees, giving players more room to farm without navigating other objects.


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Dreamlight Valley Clay Farming: Best way to get more

A picture of a bunch of holes in the ground in Disney Dreamlight Valley with beds and couches on top

Starting at any location in one of the three aforementioned areas, begin digging up the dirt in an organized layout, just as you would when starting any nice Disney Dreamlight Valley farm. Having a companion with the digging skill will make the process of bringing in Clay Dreamlight Valley much more efficiently, allowing players to collect multiple Clay stacks on a single node. Continue digging until a wide area has been covered.

When it comes to finding Clay, it doesn’t matter if the players have upgraded to the improved shovel i Dreamlight Valley or not! A normal shovel will work fine as long as the players are in the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands.

Bring Clay in Dreamlight Valley Using the method described above should only take players between 5-10 minutes to complete. If a villager with the digging skill is present, players can potentially increase their Clay yield by a large amount, along with increasing the villager’s friendship level in the process. However, these excavated plots of land will not just fend for themselves; players must go back and cover each and every one of the holes they made to get more clay for the same area.

Such a boring process in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a significant investment of time and energy and is likely to cause boredom among players. Fortunately, YouTube content creators Currie have suggested using the exploitative yet useful method of placing furniture on top of the holes to remove them instantly without effort. See that method in the video below:

As described in the video above, to get rid of all the holes made while trying to find Clay in Dreamlight Valley players can simply go into the Furniture/Build Mode menu and place a large piece of furniture, such as a bed or couch, over the pieces of land. Save before exiting, then re-enter building mode to remove the furniture. The holes from farming should be gone by now, leaving players free to dig again to get even more clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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