The Penthouse is a place in New Atlantis that your character can choose as their new house in Starfield after getting the keys to this home for free by completing a certain quest. This apartment is given as a reward once your character is considered a “Class 1 Citizen” by the United Colonies. Even once you reach this status, knowing where to get the keys to this new home can be tricky.

The New Atlantis Residential District in Starfield hosts The Penthouse in a location named Mercury Tower, a luxurious space that you can use as a base of operations. Here, you can store some items, recover from status afflictions by sleeping in your bed, and decorate the place to your liking. While this home may not be as customized or detailed as an Outpost built on a distant world, it’s nice to have a place for free.

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How to Get A Penthouse For Free in Starfield

Starfield The Penthouse that you can Get for Free by Completing a UC Mission

To get the keys to The Penthouse for free, simply complete the “A Legacy Forged” mission and speak to the United Colonies’ Council in New Atlantis after meeting every objective. This quest involves Terrormorphs and rewards you with a free house and a good amount of money. The dedication shown to the UC by beating this mission elevates your character’s position to the coveted Class 1 Citizen title in Starfield.

When you receive the UC awards, visit the Realty office to pick up your keys to The Penthouse in Starfield. This location can be found near the Embassies, a locality in New Atlantis that will be hard to miss. Once you have everything you need to access your new house, organize what items you want to store in this space ahead of time to make the moving process painless.

Despite the availability of other homes scattered throughout the massive open world of Starfield, The Penthouse remains a great starting base to help you in the early stages of your journey. Since your ship’s cargo hold fills up very quickly, this house could be a great place to store items that you may not need immediately in your travels. This can give you more room in your ship to collect important materials or resources.

Those looking to get a free house through The Penthouse in Starfield will have a glimpse of how base locations can be incredibly useful for organizing the almost overwhelming amount of items you’ll harvest among the stars.

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