The only currency used during the Prophecy is Old Coins, which can purchase upgrades and items from one of three shops around Athia once found.

There are a few fun tools and things to buy Forsaken, but if players want something, they have to use old coins. Most people in Athia don’t care about money, but some merchants will give special items for a few coins. These items are either books, exploration/crafting tools, or cat toys that provide useful perks or brighten up the game a bit.

Forsaken‘s map size compared to other RPGs is large enough to easily hide ancient coins and their chests throughout the map. Most of the time, old coins come from old coin chests. Each large white chest features a Mystic Lock puzzle, which challenges the player to form an unbroken line between two icons by sliding panels around an enclosed area and results in rewarding players with a few ancient coins for Frey’s collection.


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This is how old coins are used in Forspoken

The creepy Curio Collector offers his wares in Forspoken

Old coins in Forsaken are also common around the town of Cipal. These coins lay in crevices, high ledges, shadowy rocks in Cipal, Dead Man’s Ledge, and The Blessed Plains. While some ancient coins are easy to grab once discovered, other ancient coins require players to use them Forsakens magic parkour system to reach along with a few quick reflexes.

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much gameplay that requires Frey to buy anything. Anything Frey can buy with old coins in it Forsaken is optional but can provide useful perks. There are only three shops in Forspoken that accept Frey’s old coins; The bookseller, the cat lady and the curiosity shop. The Bookseller and Cat Lady can be found in Cipal, but will not be available until players have completed various parts of the story. The bookseller’s books can help upgrade Frey’s equipment, while the Cat Lady sells cat toys for Frey’s room (a light-hearted addition to Forsaken‘s dark themes and story).

Frey looks at a tower in Forspoken

The Curiosity Shop unlocks in front of the Cat Lady in the Visoria region. Players can find the shop at the southern edge of Inner Visoria. The curio collector’s items are more useful than the bookseller’s or the cat lady’s, so players should store their old coins in Forsaken to the Curiosity Shop. The items for sale allow Frey to craft new items, transform natural resources, increase her mana pool, and more.

Hunt for old coins throughout Forsaken shouldn’t be too difficult as the game has several mechanics to help players find chests and unlock coins. Additionally, there isn’t much pressure to buy items as players can stay strong and entertain throughout Forsaken‘s magical mechanics. Still, if players find they have a decent amount of old coins in their pockets, it would be worth buying a few useful tools in Forsaken. If players want additional information on where to use old coins, they can take a look at Gamer’s heroes‘ video below:

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Source: YouTube/GamersHeroes

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    Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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    Luminous productions

    Square Enix

    Action RPG, Adventure, Open-World, Fantasy

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    From the team behind Final Fantasy XV comes Forspoken, a new open-world action RPG with a heavy emphasis on magic-oriented combat. Frey Holland, a woman spirited away from her home in New York City, wakes up in Athia, where she is given a magical talking cuff that grants her powerful spells and incredible mobility. Together, the two will fight across the mystical world to fight the tyrannical rulers of Athia and help Frey find his way home.

    Single player

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