Weapon attachments in Resident Evil 4 Remake give players upgrades to various offensive tools, provided they learn to find all seven gears.

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Arms in Resident Evil 4 remake can be upgraded through various attachments to enhance and customize various tools that players find throughout the game. Although different attachments are only compatible with certain weapons, players can still get these tools multiple times and apply them to almost every gun they come across. From scopes, stocks and even sensors, players have a better chance of overcoming the hordes of Ganados enemies in the story with the help of these upgrades.

There is seven total weapon seizures seen in RE4 remakewith six of them are sold through the Merchant. These attachments seen for sale by the mystery seller can be purchased through in-game currency, Pesetas, and Spinels. While players have many chances to find and increase the treasure value in RE4 remake for more Pesetas, Spinels are a bit harder to find, appearing only randomly on defeated enemies or in the occasional chest.

How to get all weapon attachments

Resident Evil 4 Remake Red9 Stock weapon accessory sold by the merchant for 9 Spinels in Chapter 6

Weapon attachment

Compatible weapons

How do you get

Biometric sensor

  • SR M1903
  • CQBR assault rifle
  • LE 5
  • Stingray

Inside the incubation laboratory seen in Chapter 13 of history, which can only be accessed by means of a Level 2 security card.

Rød9 warehouse

Sold by Grocery store to 9 spinels begins in Chapter 6.

High Power Scope

  • SR M1903
  • CQBR assault rifle
  • LE 5
  • Stingray

Sold by Grocery store to 7 Spinels begins in Chapter 4.

Laser vision

  • SG-09 R
  • Sentinel Nine
  • Punishes

Sold by Grocery store to 10 Spinels begins in chapter 2.

Matilda Stock

Sold by Grocery store to 12 Spinels.


  • SR M1903
  • CQBR assault rifle
  • LE 5
  • Stingray

Sold by Grocery store to 4,000 pesetas begins in chapter 2.

TMP warehouse

Sold by Grocery store to 8 Spinels begins in Chapter 4.

Each attachment increases a stat on the weapon it is mounted onthat affect qualities such as Precision, Rate of fireor even Reload speed. The descriptions for each potential upgrade are listed to the player before they spend the Pesetas or Spinels, giving a good idea of ​​what investment is being made. Notably, most firearms are the weapons that receive these enhancements, as special tools such as the Bolt Thrower i RE4 remake cannot equip these attachments.

How to equip weapon accessories

Resident Evil 4 Replay Items Inventory Selection of parts to equip weapon accessories for certain weapons

When players discover or purchase a weapon accessory, they must go to Items menu of their Inventory and select the gun they want to add the upgrade to. By selecting “Parts” prompt shows which attachments players have that are compatible with the selected weapon, with the option to modify the gun with the specific part. Those who learn to find these weapon attachments in this section can customize their firearm in Resident Evil 4 remake at their leisure for the tough battles seen in upcoming missions.

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