Drifloon is a version-exclusive Pokémon that players will have to trade for or catch in co-op play in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Drifloon is the Balloon Pokémon added Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is a Ghost- and Flying-type Pokémon said to represent wandering spirits. The Pokemon isn’t hard to catch, but it will be much harder to get for trainers who picked up Pokemon Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet exclusive versions are more valuable to a collector trying to fill out their Pokédex. Any trainer hoping to collect a Drifloon must be able to gain access Pokémon Scarlett, as it is exclusive to that version. That said, Drifloon can make a valuable team member due to its dual type and immunity to normal moves if the trainer manages to find one.


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Drifloon locations

Drifloon availability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While it is not available in Pokemon Violet, within Pokémon Scarlett Drifloon is fairly abundant. It only appears at night, so trainers will have to wait for darkness to fall in the game. However, if trainers are out at the right time, Drifloon can be found throughout western, southern and eastern Paldea. Western Paldea has the most accessible area where trainers can find Drifloon. It is not available at the crater or in the northern provinces.

This Pokémon has a weakness to several other types, including Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark. However, that is offset by Drifloon’s immunities. Any player hoping to weaken it enough to catch it should not bring a Normal, Fighting, or Ground type Pokémon, as Drifloon is immune to all of these types. Drifloon is also resistant to poison, insect and grass types. This can make it a robust Pokémon, especially in battles with NPC trainers.

IN Pokemon Violet, a player can primarily obtain a Drifloon through trade. If a friend is playing Pokemon Scarlet, however, that friend might invite the trainer to their game, which would allow the other trainer to run around and catch all exclusives in that game, or vice versa. While trading is still an option, this allows trainers to capture exclusive builds without having to do so. Players can do this through the Union Circle, available at the end of any Pokémon Center, or through the Poké Portal in the menu. Trainers can complete any task while still connected to each other in-game, which can provide a lot of freedom to explore while with friends.

Being able to find Drifloon and its evolution, Drifblim, will be crucial for those hoping to complete their collection. Drifloon has been in the Pokémon franchise since Gen 4, so it’s been around long enough to gather a fan following. However, Drifloon’s value in this game is inherently tied to being an exclusive version. This may make it difficult for some trainers to add it to their Pokédex, but the good news is that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s co-op options give players a better chance of finding exclusives than ever before.

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