Dratini in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will typically spawn at levels higher than 50, meaning trainers must reach the end game to catch it.

Dratini is an elegantly adorable Dragon-type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with a slender serpent-like appearance more akin to the dragons of Asian fables than Western mythology. Dratini is the base form of its evolution family and can transform into Dragonair and Dragonite when specific conditions are met. Capturing Dratini or knocking it unconscious will also grant Dratini Scales, a pocket monster-dropped material used to craft TMs like Dragon Tail or Outrage. It should be noted that Dratini typically spawn at a significantly higher level than most base evolution forms i red and Violet. As a result, trainers will probably only be able to capture this dragon-type creature during the late game.


To capture Dratini Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Trainers can search in two specific locations on the Paldea region map. The first is the sizable unnamed lake north of the North Province (Area Two) Pokécenter. This lake is home to a variety of pocket monsters, including the rare nocturnal Mismagius. Dratini typically appear on the surface of the water; therefore, the ability to swim on top of one’s mountain will be required. The Aquatic Mode for Koraidon and Miraidon is unlocked by defeating Open Sky Titan: Bombirdier.

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Finding Dratini in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Dratini Habitat Map Location in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The other place where Dratini can spawn is the massive Casseroya lake in northwestern Paldea i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This location poses a greater challenge to finding Dratini due to its sheer size. Besides, some fans like it YouTuber Kibbles, have complained about the framerate drops that occur when swimming across the lake, making it quite difficult to approach a Wild Dratini carefully. Dratini are quite timid and will burrow if they feel too threatened red and Violet. Therefore, it is important that trainers do not rush too quickly to their goals after finding this dragon-type snake.

Additionally, there is a third potential location where Dratini could appear, according to the Paldean Dex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This location is the river and mountain source of South Province (Area Six). Nevertheless, unless trainers have unlocked the ability to climb with their Mount by defeating False Dragon Titan: Tatsugiri, reaching the areas where Dragon-type pocket monsters can spawn can be a challenge. When players finally confront a Wild Dratini, they can weaken it for a capture by using Ice-, Dragon-, or Fairy-type Moves. Dratini evolves based on its current level i Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. After reaching level 30, it will transform into Dragonair, and at level 55 it will evolve into Dragon and Flying-type Dragonite.

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Source: YouTube/Kibbles

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